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“That ship has not yet sailed.”


Its funny how your day actually turns out when you compare it to how you thought it may have turned out. I suppose for the most part it was a normal wednesday, the day went well, work was fine and I had a pleasant ride home. When I got in Olivia was up and extremely pleased to see me and my wonderful wife was already in the kitchen preparing a delicious smelling dinner. I certainly don’t expect dinner to be cooked for me, but I will definitely miss it when she goes back to work! Tonight was day two of daddy bath time, a chance for Clare to have a bit of time off while I take Olivia upstairs and give her a bath and get her ready for bed. Its not going too bad at the moment, but with Olivia sitting up as much as she is now, the baby recliner that we use for bathing her is almost redundant and we need to find an alternative until she is sitting confidently on her own. Bath time was fun, Olivia had a great time splashing around, and combined with all the sitting up she has been doing, she was exhausted and yawning her head off soon after I dressed her, so an early bottle of milk and she was off to bed for the night. Baby bathed, dressed, fed and in bed for 7:30pm… that’s worthy of a high five I think!

I went to visit a couple of friends, as is normal for a Wednesday night, and spent a couple of hours chewing the fat with them before heading home and making an important phone call that I’d almost left too late, but it turned out to be a much longer call than I had anticipated and has such made me much later to bed than I was hoping tonight. It was all for a good cause though and hopefully in the long run some good will come from me investing this time now and trying to help someone to sort a few issues out. At this point my work is done, all I can do now is sit back and keep my fingers crossed.

I took tonights photo on the way home from my friends, the temperature was plummeting, and the sky was clear. Having parked the car under a bare tree, it created an interested effect on the moon. I suppose if anything I can relate it to my thoughts today when you look at the size of a small little moon in the vastness of space and then compare it to my need to step back and look at the bigger picture of my life. Certain things have been on my mind recently, but in reality, nothing that I can change or really do much about any more. Merely dwelling on a ship that HAS already sailed and trying to focus on the ones that haven’t. Yeah yeah I know its all a bit obscure, but I can’t mention names on here all the time, I literally do not know who reads this after all! When the time is right I may elaborate on a few issues a little more.


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