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Clutching at straws!


So today is a high key photo of my wedding ring, and why… because its late, I am tired and I need my bed and Tuesday is the one day of the week I always have to take my wedding ring off as its not allowed to be worn in the jujitsu dojo, no jewellery and no glasses for our training class, in case we hurt each other, or ourselves. I usually remember to put it back on when I get home, although sometimes I have to be reminded by the wife, and sometimes both of us forget and it might stay off for a day or two. Its not a nice feeling when I do finally realise, I do like to keep my wedding ring on. I know some men don’t and its often for work more than anything else, like my friend who is a builder, totally impractical trade to keep a wedding ring on without getting it scratched to bits or bent out of shape. Mine however, even though my work is a far cry from his as a builder, still seems to have got scratched to bits, and with our second wedding anniversary coming up, its well overdue for a polish and clean! We talked about doing it last year, for our first wedding anniversary, but we never did, although that may have been influenced mostly by a very pregnant and slightly swollen wife being unable to get her ring off at all!

My Tuesday this week was a fairly ordinary, pleasant day, nothing exciting going on. The weather seems to be staying nice for us, and while I can’t see the weekend being anything like the tropical paradise we had last weekend, I do hope we have a bit more nice weather, it really seemed to cheer everyone up! I even stopped off on the way home to take my coat off while cycling, to stop me from overheating. It helped me keep my speed up on the way home as I never get enough time before I have to head out, I usually arrive home by 5:30pm and need to be heading back out for training by 6pm! Tonight was an especially rough evening, as we are getting closer towards out next belt, and we can start to feel a bit of pressure each week as we practise things we need to know. The hour long session frequently consists of strangle holds and being thrown to the floor, and tonight I was feeling it. I guess a whole bunch of late nights has not helped me either, as well as the ride into work this morning, which seemed to have the wind blowing against me all the way there, very tiring! Olivia seemed to enjoy some time with Nanny and Grandad today as they watched her while Clare went into town to see work friends, and I was sent a lovely photo of her sat in their back garden in her sunhat that she has apparently borrowed from her cousin!

Another training sessional deliver first thing tomorrow, I need to quit typing even though I haven’t finished what I was saying and get myself to bed! The morning is enough of a challenge as it is!


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