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“A daughter is one of the most beautiful gifts this world has to give.”


Monday morning seems to be routinely a challenge to drag myself out of bed, as it is every week, but on mornings like this with a beautiful sunrise, once I am up and out, it is a lot easier cycling in to work while it is bright and sunny and the temperature is quite pleasant. I got to work in good time, and quickly realised that I was supposed to be delivering a training session at 9am and needed to very quickly grab a shower and get all my stuff together. Thankfully I had prepared some of my resources last week, although some stuff can’t be done in advance, and must be done on the morning. The training session had completely escaped my mind all weekend, but thankfully I got myself together and was pretty much ready in time and got on with it. Once I’m into it, the morning disappears very quickly and even though I don’t get to have much of a lunch break on days that I am training, the day felt like it was over quickly. I was soon back on my bike, and heading home and while I don’t normally get competitive on my bike, I was over taken early on by somebody who looked like they had just walked off a building site, no helmet, scruffy tracksuit bottoms, a JD Sports bag through over his shoulder. Yes of course I realise there is no official uniform for the road, and anyone can wear what they want, but he just screamed “inexperienced rookie!” and I can’t be overtaken by someone who (I assume) had spent five minutes on a bike and thought he had got me nailed! It was a long race, which he probably didn’t even realise he was involved in, but I persevered and eventually caught up with him and felt a bit smug as he struggled with the hill and I regained my place. Totally pointless? Yeah for sure, of course it was, but it was good fun! Experience wins after all.

Once home we agreed that after we’d eaten it was time to bath Olivia… but, or the first time it was me doing it on my own. Don’t get me wrong, I have helped Clare to bath Olivia the whole time she was in the baby bath, and all the way up until she started to put Olivia in the big bath while I was at work, so its not like I am unfamiliar with bathtime or anything, I just haven’t done it on my own. I know, its only a bath, I am unlikely to kill her, I get it, but its still a little daunting when you are doing it alone. I don’t want to miss bits when I am washing her and have my daughter not completely clean or even worse miss a bit thats crucially got something like spilt milk in a roll of skin and gets sore if I don’t clean it out! Plus she has become a wriggler, and I don’t want her to slip and become scared of the bath as she enjoys it so much as the moment. It was a success anyway, and I felt quite pleased. Today has been a good day all round, and to make things even better while I was at work Clare sent me a video of Olivia, it was Olivia finally eating properly from a spoon, after having put up much resistance for the last two weeks, and pursing her lips together at each spoonful, now we finally had some success! Pah! milk schmilk, we don’t need that, our little lady is too big for it clearly! Oh, and the other thing she is apparently too big for is her bouncer, which she is no longer lying back and bouncing in, but actually sitting up properly in! It feels like our little girl has been lying around biding her time, getting absorbed in Peppa Pig being all “oh rolling over is such an effort” and then suddenly POW! Let’s go, one change after another! I am wondering what is just around the corner, what surprised await us next?!


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