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“Behind every successful man is a woman but few of us realize that behind most successful women is a man too; her father.”

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Last night we settled down to watch Gravity after hearing many good things about it, and I really enjoyed. The wife… well it won’t come as a huge surprise that even though the film is barely an hour and a half long, she was asleep before it was over! She disappeared upstairs to bed and I decided I wasn’t ready for bed yet, and so with beer in hand settled down to watch another film. The second film, along with trying to write this whilst repeatedly nodding off, meant I was in bed very late. Sunday morning is no longer the lie in it used to be, those days are long gone, and a beery late night is no excuse for wasting time in bed in the morning! Olivia was up bright and early as usual, and so was the wife to feed her. I had a brief attempt at trying to fall back to sleep and catch another hour, but it wasn’t working so I gave up and came downstairs. I gave in and accepted the early morning start by throwing myself through the shower and then straight into the garden to plant seeds for the allotment and clear out the greenhouse ready for the seeds to grow. The day came with unusually good weather, blue sky, sunshine and a perfect temperature, meaning that it truly was a pleasure to be up and out of bed and enjoying the day today, doing something genuinely productive, while the wife was in the kitchen doing wifey things, such as baking a cake and preparing sunday lunch. The sunday morning husband-in-the-garden and wife-baking-cakes made us both stop and laugh, could we BE any more stereotypical??

After lunch we were off to visit friends, a wonderful couple we met at our antenatal classes back in June last year, and we are still in touch with all the other couples from the group too, which strangely seems to surprise some people, but I thought that half the point of antenatal classes was all about making new friends in similar situations! Anyway, I had promised this couple I would take a few shots of their daughter for them, one of which has obviously turned into todays photo, and we had also planned to take our two daughters for a bit of a walk in the lovely weather to a local duck pond with a few pieces of bread. It was great to be out in the fresh air, no coat, just a t-shirt, enjoying the scenery and feeding the ducks and then watching the girls snooze on the walk back. To me, as a parent, this is what weekends are all about! It was a lovely way to spend a few hours, especially given the fortunate weather, which I was well aware could disappear as quickly as it arrived. The crazy British weather offers us no guarantees, and although it may have touched 20ºc today, there is no promise that spring is actually here and that all threats of snow have totally disappeared! If it is the case however, then it will certainly remembered as a strange year… The winter that saw no snow! As strange as it is though, it has certainly made life easier for us, as our road would be completely snowed in and impossible to drive into or out of! We’d have been potentially housebound with a small baby, not exactly ideal! Still, without wishing for the worst, today we couldn’t have asked for better weather and the rest of the week is looking nice too, I may actually have a week of cycling in the dry! Its the little things that make me happy!

2 thoughts on “68.365.2014”

  1. Sounds like a perfect Sunday! I too was outside early and I just couldn’t believe how warm it is was already! If only the rest of the month would follow suit! Have a good week!


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