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“No Mommy, I will not have your filthy food… I WANT MILK!!”


Soaked again on the way into work, although it was worth it in the end! I had totally given in and wanted to take the car today, the sound of rain outside after yesterdays drenching just made my heart sink! Unfortunately, the wife had already made plans for today which involved going out in the car, and so it was time to prepare for another soaking. On a positive note, the rain wasn’t as bad as yesterday and once it had cleared it was blue sky and sunshine for the rest of the day, which made the journey home a delight, especially as I got to leave work an hour earlier than normal! The wife and daughter had been out most of the day meeting a friend for lunch, and so I did wonder if I’d be getting home to an empty house for the first time since June last year, but it wasn’t to be the case, she’d left at a sensible time to beat the traffic! I did get some gorgeous photos of Olivia and our newest godson holding hands sent to my phone which really made my day and helped Friday afternoon pass a little quicker!

On getting home a little earlier, it was lovely to spend time with Olivia before she was wanting a nap. The wife is still pushing on with weaning, even though Olivia is resisting a little, but the way I see it, the bigger she gets the less the milk will satisfy her and at some point she’ll start wanting the food. That’s my thinking anyway, only time will tell. We’re certainly not stressing about it, or forcing her to eat it, because when we actually get the food into her mouth she doesn’t reject it, so its not like we’re making her do anything she doesn’t want to. If she starts to get frustrated or upset, we give up. One day it will click, and until then we just keep trying.

This evening the choice was simple, chip shop dinner, a few beers and a film. A busy weekend lies ahead!


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