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“All roads lead to home”



That was my ride into work today, bloody soaking wet!

Apparently, the missing mudguard on my front wheel did more than I actually gave it credit for!

The rest of the day didn’t go bad at all, a lesson observation was a success meaning that we can relax a little after putting in a couple of weeks of preparation and planning. The rest of the day did go quite quickly, although the strange thing was that a couple of us felt like it was Friday, and so it was a bit of a disappointment to have to remind ourselves it was only Thursday. Not that only one more day before the weekend is a total tragedy, but I could really do with it being Friday now! Saturday should be fun, with my godsons party at a farm, and a 30th birthday house party straight after that. The only consideration will be trying to juggle Olivia’s naps around that, as she tends to get a bit crazy if she doesn’t get those naps in, my baby likes her sleep! I was very grateful to the wife today for making it over to my moms with Olivia so she could see her, Its hard in the evenings now she’s in bed for 8pm and there are so many things to try and squeeze in at the weekend that it just isn’t easy for me to do everything that I want to do!

I’m also well aware that last nights post was a bit of a long one, but six months feels like kind of a big deal for me, I’ve never in the past been able to see myself as one day being a dad, and sometimes it still feels a bit weird even now, so I wanted to put my thoughts down. I don’t even genuinely expect people to read any of this, I am writing it more for myself than anything, its nice to look back on. If there are a handful of people that do actually read this and enjoy it, then all the better I guess. So today I kept the photo a little abstract, I wanted to try something that had been on my mind to see how it turned out, and it was okay. Not pulitzer prize material, but it was okay. I always gauge the wife’s reaction to a shot when I have taken one and I’m not totally sure about it, and she seemed happy, so I’m keeping it in! Simply wooden toothpicks laid out, but I liked the lines and the patterns. I had to use the two speedlites again to produce enough light that the light bulb on the ceiling wouldn’t create a colour cast and make the photo all orange. Its always easier to get the shot right in camera than to try and repair it in photoshop afterwards!

Right, bed is a-callin’ g’night all!


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