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“They can’t stay babies forever”


Well its back to a week of work again, Monday morning rolls around and slaps me in the face absolutely insisting that I get out of bed, how rude! I did wake up to an annoying email from a guy who recently purchased some speakers from me on eBay and picked them up last week. He clearly hadn’t done his research and now doesn’t want them. I kinda saw this coming when he picked them up as he obviously had no idea what he was doing with them. The good news is though, that its quite dry and pleasant out this morning, and the forecast is only for a couple of showers during the day. I was a bit concerned at how my legs were going to cope with only a days rest since Saturdays epic 61 mile journey, but as it turned out they were just fine. A few drops of oil on the bike before I left sorted out the few squeaks that started to appear at the end of Saturdays journey, and then I really enjoyed a fantastic ride into work.There was a light mist in the air and the sun was trying to push through it, all the things you don’t really notice or pay attention to when you’re driving! The traffic going in was a bit heavy, and sitting stationary in a car in that lot would have driven me crazy, but my only consideration for taking the car would have been down to heavy rain and the fact that I still haven’t managed to replace the front mudguard, as the one halfords sold that supposedly fits all bikes of a particular wheel size, didn’t actually fit at all! Coming home it was some of the worst traffic I’ve ever seen on that stretch of road, so being on two wheels and zipping down the middle of it was not only a great feeling, but also somewhat of a huge relief, as I don’t know what time I’d have ended up getting home if I’d driven.

The day itself wasn’t that bad in the end and it was nice to finish work and look outside and still see blue sky and a bit of sunshine. I was home, (still in daylight) just as Olivia was getting up for her next feed of the day. We’re still weaning her, although its tough going as she just won’t open her mouth for the spoon! We’re being calm and patient about it, as she is still getting her milk and putting on plenty of weight, although as she doesn’t necessarily finish all her milk, she clearly isn’t that hungry. I strongly believe that patience is a virtue and all will come to he who waits! We have some good info courtesy of the Annabel Karmel books that were recommended to us by friends, and we also have a visit booked with the health visitor booked for this week, where the wife will bring up the topic of Olivia not opening her mouth for the spoon. As she usually has the food at lunchtime I decided to have a little go myself at the next bottle, it took some patience, but we got some food down her in the end. Now we’re at a stage with her where she is starting to sit up, and we are giving her more chance to practise. Today I put her on the floor and placed a few cushions behind her, she sat quite well for five minutes, with a bit of a nudge here and there to stop her tilting too much to one side. I had to very quickly grab a photo as I didn’t know how long she would stay like this for, and when the inevitable TIMBEEERRRR moment would kick in!

So I have now spent the day mulling over my reply to this mornings eBay issue, on one hand I don’t want to risk negative feedback or him opening a case against me with eBay, and yet in my defence I put together a totally legit listing that was very clear and not in the slightest bit misleading. My dvd surround sound system died and so I had thrown it and put just the speakers on eBay, he bought them. Now he doesn’t know how to connect them to a standard dvd player (which you can’t!) and is making it my problem. He had every chance to email me with questions, and chose not to. He had every chance to check my No Refunds Accepted policy on the listing itself. He chose not to. I even offered to find the cables (which weren’t listed as part of the item) and deliver them to him at my own expense and he even had the cheek to ask for the speaker stands I’d used, which I gave him as I didn’t want them any more. Now he wants to dump it all back on my hands and have his money back, even though eBay sales are contractual. I was tempted to ignore him, but knew that would do no good. So I put together the most diplomatic and judicious response I could, covering all these points (knowing eBay will check it if he opens a case) and hoping he realises the error of his, lets be honest about it, ignorant ways, and forgets it all and just puts it back onto eBay and sells it himself. It really isn’t my problem any more, I upheld my end of the bargain! That’s fair isn’t it? People do annoy me sometimes, just sheer ignorance and stupidity, and just generally not caring. I had negative feedback left for me in 2012 because although I had sold them something, they were so stupid they left feedback for the wrong item, and when I basically responded to negative feedback with “What they hell was that for?? That’s my 100% positive feedback gone!”, their response was, “Well if you’re going to be like that about it, i’m not removing it!” I mean seriously?! What is wrong with some people?? Yes, so my response was maybe not the most refrained or tactical, but not removing incorrect negative feedback “because you don’t feel like it” is just outrageous! I don’t recall eBay being much help about it either, something along the lines of “Sort it out between yourselves!” Awesome, thanks eBay! We really have needed a competitor to eBay for too long, one company can have too much power, especially when they abuse it. Now take a look at Amazon, there is a company that will be using eBay to wipe its feet on in years to come! A fantastic business model, reliable sellers and possibly the best customer service most people have ever experienced. There are a lot of companies that could learn a lot from Amazon. I find myself using them for literally everything these days, there pretty much isn’t anything you can’t buy on there! This whole customer service thing also reminds me and leads me on to the amazing service I always received from waiting staff in America every time we went for food, and how hugely disappointed I was with the waiting staff here when I got home, but ya know what, I’m not going to get onto that debate tonight… I’ll save it for another evening, its time for bed now!


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