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“Temptation is the feeling we get when encountered by an opportunity to do what we innately know we shouldn’t.”


Saturday nights visit to the pub was a good balance of spending the majority of the evening with the wife and then popping out for a couple of pints just before she went to bed so I didn’t feel like I had totally deserted her. The benefits of having one of my best mates and the pub all within a few minutes walking distance! The downside of all this is that a drink with him never means having an early night, especially as the local is open until midnight. I could have done with one, but I haven’t seen him for a couple of weeks!

This morning I wanted to get up and get out to the NEC to see the supposedly brand new Photography Show, which was replacing the Focus On Imaging event that has been running for over 30 years and finished last year, although truth be told I couldn’t really tell much of a difference. Still, there was plenty to see and it was nice to actually go alone this time, so I could browse the stands properly instead of having to worry about other people. I got a chance to see and say hello to some great photographers whose books I have on my shelf and have read from cover to cover more than once, such as Mark Cleghorn and Damien Lovegrove, although sadly I won’t get to see Jeff Ascough as he’s not there until Tuesday. All very talented people though, and very inspiring. I have recently considered making a move from weddings over to newborn photography, although this will take a bit of planning and the need to buy some props. I did look into some training, but the one stand offering it was wanting a four figure sum… I have to say, I nearly fell over. I always knew there was good money to be made in training, and its somewhere I’d love to be in a few years, having sufficient skills and knowledge to actually be teaching people and be making money from it myself, but never have I seen courses for that kind of money before! I have ordered tickets for a newborn photography show in a couple of months time, so I’ll hopefully pick up some more inspiration there! Just before I headed away from the NEC I spotted the International Garden Photographer Of The Year stand with a whole bunch of pretty plants being photographed by an assortment of cameras, and so I thought I’d join in and try to get something for todays photo.

I left the NEC after just a few hours while everyone was still busy inside, as being on my own I’d managed to pretty much get round and see everything that I wanted to, and so the car park was quiet, making for a speedy exit. This meant I was round to meet the wife and Olivia at the in-laws for lunch, although they’d already had theirs by the time I got there. A few cups of tea and watching Olivia with her grandparents is a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon, although I just wish my mom lived a little closer so she could get to see Olivia a bit more often.

Sadly though, Sunday night has rolled around yet again and Olivia has had her last bottle of the night and is in now bed and asleep for the evening, Monday morning is pretty much knocking at the door. Another weekend is done and dusted, but it has been another thoroughly enjoyable one.


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