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Like mother, like daughter…


Well thats February done and dusted, and I honestly don’t know where the month has gone, thank goodness for all the photos I have taken. As you may have noticed, for those of you who read this daily, I failed to get Fridays post actually up on Friday, and it is now Saturday morning, but such is life. Last night I settled down to dinner, a lovely homemade chilli given to us by my mother, and a film with the Clare who had been over to visit my mother with Olivia earlier in the day while I was at work. Even though Clare ended up going to bed halfway through the film, no real surprise there, I was committed to all three hours and three minutes of Pearl Harbour, although by the end of it, and after a few beers, I was struggling to keep my eyes open, even though I’d been thoroughly lazy Friday morning and taken the car to work instead of cycling! I knew I wasn’t going to get the blog/photo online, but I had managed to grab a shot of our daughter who should have been in bed after her final bottle of the night, and instead was thoroughly glued to the tv, just like her mother! It didn’t last though, and she was in bed straight after the photo. Her feeding routine has worked like clockwork so far, and its nice to have her last bottle at 8pm now and have her asleep at a sensible time rather than getting her up again at 10:30pm just for milk. Which means that we have a bit of time for us, and a baby who is sleeping for about 11 hours!

With the weekend here, I have plans, and so I need to get dressed and get on it! Happy weekend everyone!

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