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“Something for the weekend, sir?”


Anyone who has known me long enough will know that I took a change in career some years ago, and left my classroom assistant job in a special needs school to chase a career in retail management with a major supermarket, needless to say it reached a point where I knew I had made a bad decision and I really regretted my choice. Retail was not for me, and the company I was with clearly were all about the numbers, not the names. It got to a point where the daily stress was too much, I knew that if I did not leave it was going to start affecting my health, and so I gave up the desire to earn the big bucks and headed back to my old job where I knew I could be happy again. One of the things I had really missed during my time in retail was the weekend, that good old Friday feeling. It became very important to me when I started to photograph weddings and I realised how inflexible retail would be with letting me take occasional Saturdays off. Now I would be lost without my weekends off, and with tomorrow being Friday, I am very happy to have this first week after the half term holiday out of the way already. I am hoping that this weekend I can have another attempt at taking my daughter swimming on Saturday without her falling asleep before we leave the house, and then on Sunday I’ll be off to the NEC for the debut of The Photography Show, which is replacing the Focus On Imaging show that has been there for the last 25 years or so. It is total geek heaven, and requires a will of steel to walk out empty handed! I am as yet undecided on how to get there as it is £10 to park a car, regardless of how short you stay for! I may consider getting the train in, its a little bit too far to cycle!

The other thing I want to give some consideration to this weekend, is the allotment. I have probably mentioned this before, but with the weather being a bit mental, I still haven’t got around to planting any seeds and the weeks are just ticking by! My big concern is that I will plant the seeds and we will end up getting a late frost, and maybe even snow, just to make it a bit more fun! The last couple of years we have seen some late snow that has ruined some peoples allotments, and killed off numerous plant shoots. Thankfully I have a green house that I can get the seeds started in, I just need an hour to sort it! Our daughter is now starting to eat blended vegetables, and I can think of nothing better than her eating home grown food, free, organic, fresh and extra tasty! I just hope I can get some tomatoes on the go this year, I made had some wonderful soup the last time we had a big batch of tomatoes! Olivia has spent about a week now eating sweet potatoes, but the wife has just blended up some carrots, butternut squash and some parsnips for her to try as well. Jars of baby food?… Pfftt who needs them?! It really is very exciting watching all the changes in my little girl, and she is so close to sitting up now, and is also on the verge of rolling over onto her tummy! It makes me one proud daddy! I do try to imagine what life would be like if I couldn’t see her, and wonder how some fathers cope when the marriage/relationship breaks down. Without going into too much detail, I’m not totally unfamiliar with this situation as my own father walked out on me and my sister when I was three, and his alcohol problem put a massive strain on the relationship as we were growing up. Many people had lots of good things to say about my dad when he hadn’t been drinking, sadly it just wasn’t all that often. One of my big worries as I grew up was that I would start to see myself making the same mistakes that he had made. Still, I think I did okay in the end! I’d like to think he’s looking down and proud of me!

Right then, lets do this! Its Photography Show weekend, the Formula 1 Grand Prix season starts in 14 days, and it all starts with Friday night… come on Friday, lets have a piece of you!!


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