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“LinkedIn? More like LinkedOut!!”


So it was back on the bike this morning, after what feels like not being on it for ages, but in reality is more like 10 days! It was a lovely day to be cycling, although crawling out of my nice warm bed this morning after only about 5 hours sleep, it felt like the worst idea in the world ever! It always does when I get up, which is why I set my alarm clock much earlier than I need to, just to give my body time to adjust to being awake before I try to force hills and rush hour traffic upon it. Tuesdays are never a great day for me anyway, as I never get to spend much time at home, and consequently get to see less of my daughter too. I had about 45 minutes from getting home after work to heading out to training tonight. As it was the last Jujitsu session of the month it was time for some pad work and boxing gloves! Normally our contact when practising is only light, we don’t want to hurt each other, but on the last Tuesday of the month, the pads come out and we can go bonzai! A great chance to get rid of any unwanted aggression, of which there was a little tonight due to the sheer ignorance and stupidity of Royal Mail lorry driver tonight, who at 40mph came so close to me when passing on the way home, that I nearly didn’t need a shave any more! Still, I made it home in the end, and can’t let muppets like this ruin my day!

In other news, I have finally got around to closing down my LinkedIn account. It was one of those things that I “gave it a try” after receiving several invites from friends, but genuinely, in all the years I have been registered, I have never actually truly worked out what it is supposed to do! I seem to have connected to a number of friends, but I guess a little like facebook, not done anything with that person once I have connected, on top of which the site just confuses me, I am not sure where I am supposed to be looking for what, or even why!! Facebook is enough of a distraction, and something I am trying to limit my time on a bit. Checking it 8 times in 5 minutes isn’t just boredom, its a problem! Although I am not suggesting that I am going to get rid of facebook though, I do find it massively useful, and often quite entertaining too! Even though to this day I have never accepted a game request and don’t intend to… so if you’re one of those people on my facebook page who reads this and sends requests then please stop!!


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