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“Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.”


The alarm clock went off at 5.55am… then again at 6am… then again at 6.05am… having an alarm clock with multiple alarms is good if, like me, you’re pretty useless at getting up, eventually at some point you have to give in and drag your sorry, good for nothing ass out of bed! I was up and showered well ahead of normal, although still a little later than I’d planned leaving the house, although it didn’t matter too much. Today I took the car, it was decidely windy out, but that wasn’t part of my decision, which was mostly based on having bulky, heavy stuff to take to work for this mornings training session. The morning didn’t start well as I had to head to work first before setting off for the venue I was training at and had to print a 70 page document, which refused to print, and then the photocopier essentially gave me the middle finger and said “not today Vokes!” which left me pulling my hair out as I couldn’t do todays training without either the print out or photocopies! Thankfully both decided to give me a break and work just in time, and I was on my way! The session went okay, although I have yet to get feedback on it, but I’m fairly sure it was a success. I was just glad to get home and get Monday out of the way, it was always going to be hard, especially after such a wonderful week off! Its always great to spend some time with the wife, especially while she is off work as well, but its extra awesome to spend some quality time with the daughter, she changes so fast, and yes I know people joke about how many photos I take of her, but these moments are gone too soon, and they never come back… when they’re gone, they’re gone! I can’t believe that next week she’ll be six months old already… SIX MONTHS!!… Where the hell did six months go???

This evening was a fairly early dinner, as the wife had friends visiting and I had decided to take myself off to the hospital again and see my nan who is still in there until they can get enough support for her when she comes out and hopefully goes home. Its always nice to visit her, and she is always grateful for the company, although she is getting on well with the other folk in there. I know she is keen to get home, but at least she has some company at the moment, and there is generally someone around in the middle of the night if she can’t sleep! The day in general had not lent itself to many photo taking opportunities though, and so I figured I would pull this pocket watch out and see what I could do with it, as the wife and her friends are still downstairs filling the room with hot air and generally putting the world to rights, and I’m leaving them to it!


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