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“If winter comes, can spring be far behind?”


I should have known better than to hope for a lie in this morning, little madam was awake at the crack of dawn and sadly stuck in our room again, in her moses basket, while the smell of gloss paint disappears from her room, so there was no escaping the noise of a gurgling, cooing baby first thing this morning!

Clare finished decorating some cakes for a surprise baby shower, a very american tradition that seems to be working its way over here slowly, and left me looking after Olivia for the afternoon. I had a simple plan, I was going to feed her at 2pm and then take her swimming again for the second time, but a few yawns and a bit of eye rubbing from madam by 1:30pm had me casting doubts on the success of this plan. I tried her with the baby rice first, as we are continuing to try and wean her, but this was a disaster. She clearly hasn’t connected the baby rice with not feeling hungry in the same way that she has with the milk yet, and so only wanted her bottle. I may have to dip into the weaning books I bought from Amazon recently for some advice. Once the bottle was finished with, it was clear she wanted to sleep, and with Saturdays swim session at the local pool finished at 4pm, there was no way I was going to get her there. Swimming is officially cancelled for today!

Right now I am shattered and needing a bit of a power nap, although I know that if I put my head down I am unlikely to actually get to sleep. I could really do with a bit of extra energy tonight as I am heading out up town to celebrate my friends birthday this evening, and all I actually want to do is go to bed early! I won’t, obviously, but I do need to be back at a sensible time and watch what I am drinking as I really need to make the most of tomorrow so I have a reasonably clear head to prepare for Monday morning.

Where has a whole week off work gone??

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