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“Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.”


Our second and final morning staying in Axminster, Devon at our friends house. Yesterday was a lovely day, and the wife and me truly felt like we’d had a break, just being somewhere different for a couple of days. Our hosts were fantastic, made us feel right at home and really looked after us. It has been almost 18 months since we last came down and stayed with them, just after they moved down to Devon, and although it is quite a drive to get down to see them, they really have moved to a beautiful part of the country and makes visiting them even more appealing. Olivia had slept well again, and this time Clare was up first to feed her. She has been the perfect baby, and I don’t even think we had any tears the entire time we were away. After Olivia was sorted, we had breakfast, took showers and got dressed, then headed out for a walk into Axminster town to pick up a few bits including some bacon to go on sandwiches for lunch. It was another day of blue sky and showers, but our walk today was all blue sky and sunshine and very refreshing. We paused at the church where I took todays photo and even passed the factory where the original Axminster Carpets were produced, but eventually became a victim of their own design. By being so well made, they were rarely replaced and the company has twice collapsed, now being in its third incarnation. After some amazing bacon and egg sandwiches were washed down with a cup of tea for lunch, I was about to load the car up when we were offered some of last nights left over cheesecake, what a way to spend a day! So a million calories later I loaded all our stuff into the car, wondering if I’d be able to get it all back in, as it was a bit of a squeeze on the way down! It all fitted and we were ready to go, with some snacks and a drink for the journey, we said goodbye, the satnav was set and we were off. Our new feeding routine for Olivia was going well, but I knew there was a chance we wouldn’t be home in time for her next bottle. As it happened, the traffic was abysmal and we were never going to make it, so we stopped off just after Bristol, about 100 miles from home, for a hot drink and gave Olivia her bottle before the final stretch. The traffic got even worse and we finally got home almost five hours after we set off, a little different to the two and a half hours it took to get down there in the first place! As a result, dinner was courtesy of the fish and chip shop, which I wasn’t going to argue about too much, it is Friday after all!! While we were away the father in law had done a little work around the house and put some new doors up for us, and glossed two of them, including Olivia’s new bedroom door. Sadly the smell of gloss paint was still in the air, and we couldn’t leave the window open as it was so cold outside, which meant she couldn’t sleep in her own room and we had to squeeze her back into her moses basket for the night, not ideal but not the end of the world. Anyway, she’s now asleep and as much as we’ve had a lovely few days, it IS good to be home!


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