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“True life is lived when tiny changes occur.”


Day 2 of visitors, and today we were expecting Olivia’s god parents and their two little boys. Before they turned up though, we had a little tidy up of the house, I threw the vacuum around and we had a new plan for Olivia to implement as well. I thought it was time for a change to her feeding routines and Clare agreed with me, and she had already expressed an interest in putting Olivia down for regular naps, rather than just waiting for her to get tired. We just had to try our best to make sure that the naps didn’t get in the way of the feeds. I wanted her five bottles to be three hours apart, starting at 8am and finishing at 8pm so we can put her down straight after and let her sleep through the night as we’ve been previously waking her up between 10pm & 11pm for her final bottle and I didn’t want this to become a habit or a part of her sleep routine. We also decided that we were going to properly start the weaning process today, as there was a chance with the bottles becoming bunched up, that she wouldn’t finish them all as she hasn’t been finishing some of them anyway, and so I wanted to introduce some food to help keep her energy and calories up. The weaning went well, and we managed to get a few spoons of baby rice down Olivia, even if a few funny faces were pulled. A few small spoons is all we can expect for the first few times, they’ll get bigger as we continue. We finished just in time as our visitors pulled up, and we spent a lovely few hours with them before I had to head out to jujitsu training again, even though they were staying for dinner with Clare. I couldn’t really miss training as we have our next belt grading coming up soon, and every lesson counts at the moment. Looking back as I sit here at the end of the evening, it has been a fantastic day, Olivia’s naps and feeding has gone like absolute clockwork! We have the perfect baby! Even putting her down at the end of the day was lovely, with lots of smiles. I took the opportunity to read a bit more Paddington Bear to her, as I have done for the last few nights, the difference now being that this will hopefully now be her proper bedtime as we won’t be getting her up again for another feed and so its the perfect opportunity to get into a proper bedtime routine.

Tomorrow… road trip!


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