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“You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars. In the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul.”


Last night was good fun, my friend Dave finally turned up, and so to finally got him to watch The Dark Knight, and halfway through Clare came home from her night out. I’d had a couple of drinks, although I couldn’t go crazy as I was looking after Olivia. With Clare now home I no longer had to keep an eye on what I was drinking, and a few drinks in the fridge, I went into the back garden with Dave to get the fire pit on the go and burn some wood. Man, fire and beer, a great combination!! Somehow, and I’m still not sure how, but it was suddenly 3am and although I was going strong, I think Dave was starting to feel a bit tired. He soon headed home and I stayed up a while longer to keep an eye on the fire until it had gone down enough for me to leave it. As the fire pit was sat on concrete, there was no fear of the last few flickering embers causing a problem. The biggest problem was the fact that is was almost 4am before I got into bed, it didn’t bode well for getting up early the following morning!

I did struggle a bit in the morning, but we decided after we’d got showered and dressed that as it was so nice outside we’d got for a bit of a walk and blow out a few cobwebs before we arrived at the in-laws for lunch. A short while into the walk I spotted a car that was parked completely across the pavement causing me to have to push Olivia almost into the middle of the road to get past. I chucked the owner a filthy look and he started ranting about having better things to worry about like people around the world being blown to bits by bombs… yes, genuinely, I kid you not! He was still muttering and ranting as I walked away. Me telling him to “chill out” and calling him a weirdo clearly had little effect on the situation, and in my tired, sleep deprived state I was tempted to turn round, and tell him what I really thought, as my fuse is often short when I am tired and grumpy! But, I was pushing my baby, and I was not going to let him ruin my Sunday. We carried on and soon forgot all about him. Lunch with the in-laws was lovely and just what we needed, after a few hours with them we decided that this mornings brief walk was not enough, and I wanted to properly stretch my legs, so we took the very long way home with Olivia and headed to the local woods for a proper walk.
IMG_3306 It was a very pleasant day, a little cold, but you didn’t really notice when the sun was out. It was also nice that the evenings are staying lighter for much longer, and it is still light at 5:30pm, although our walk took a bit longer than I expected and it was starting to get dark as we got home. Thankfully Olivia fell asleep while we were out, as she’d not had much sleep today and was at risk of going into meltdown later on if she didn’t catch up on her sleep! She woke up when we got back and we decided to give a bit of a taste of mashed up banana, which didn’t produce a terrible reaction, but I think we’d have done better with a banana that was a bit more ripe next time! We’d worked up a bit of an appetite while we were out, having covered about 3 miles, and so we had our evening meal courtesy of the local chinese take away, and I also picked up a delicious bottle of red wine while I was out. Yes I know I had a few beers last night, but I don’t have work in the morning, and so I am treating myself.


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