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As the black clouds roll in…


A pretty quiet day in all, one for relaxing with the family and not getting dressed until midday. It was nice in a way to just spend time with the wife and daughter, although the urge was there to just jump in the car and get out of the house… but where to? Looking out of the window was truly uninspiring, although there were a few moments when the sky looked blue and the wind had died down, it generally didn’t last and was a real mixed day with frequent showers broken by the sun popping out briefly now and again. In the end we decided to watch some of the winter olympics as we’d missed the summer ones in 2012 while we were on honeymoon in California due to the time difference and generally being out a lot of the time having a whole lot of fun! Clare took the opportunity to get in the kitchen and bake some biscuits which were delicious, even if there wasn’t much of a taste of almond as intended, they were still great! We did eventually pop out to the shops to pick up some cheap storage boxes for the bathroom from Poundstretcher, and I popped into asda on the way back to pick up curry and beer for my night in as Clare was heading out with the other moms from our antenatal group, as we are still in contact with them all, and still meet up often! So tonight it was my turn to be the stay at home dad, although I was quite looking forward to it to be honest. Our poor little girl hadn’t napped much during the day and was exhausted anyway, so I gave her a bottle and took her upstairs where I carried on reading some more Paddington Bear on the iPad Kindle app to her, although suddenly she seemed a whole lot less tired while I was reading. Eventually I had to call it time, say goodnight and turn the light out as story time clearly wasn’t having the desired effect, and this little girl needed to sleep. I figured that only a dark room and some peace and quiet could remedy this situation, and right I was! Now I am fed and a couple of beers into my evening, and just waiting for my friend to turn up so I can stick a film on!


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