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What a difference a day can make…


Getting up this morning was difficult, I can’t lie, the end of term really feels like time is slowing down and days are getting longer, much longer! The wet and windy weather hasn’t really helped either, but when I got up this morning, all the previous evenings gale force winds and rain had completely disappeared and we were treated to blue sky and sunshine. It was a fresh start to the day at 1.5ºc but the ride in and out of work was far more pleasant.

I was hoping that my mom and sister would still be at ours when I got home, as they were visiting Clare and Olivia this afternoon, but sadly they couldn’t hang around for dinner as they had already defrosted something at home. So tonight it was just dinner for two, one of my favourites sausage, egg and chips! Tomorrow we will not be going crazy or doing anything too flash, we have a daughter who will be in bed asleep this year, and so won’t be going out anywhere, but we will be making a bit more effort over dinner and some quality time together. Sadly I nearly let myself down by not getting a card in time, and so I had to dash out this evening and pick one up, along with a little gift, some bubbles and red roses. I know they are somewhat cheesy, but the prosecco is one of Clare’s favourites and she loves getting flowers, so what could go wrong. Normally I wouldn’t buy flowers for valentines day, and thankfully I have a very level headed wife who agrees with me that the ludicrous over inflation in price of flowers for the few days leading up to valentines day is not only ridiculous and greedy but almost offensive. Why should retailers think its okay to put prices up by 400%?? We wouldn’t accept that sort of price rise on anything else! Thankfully, either a boycott by fed up boyfriends and husbands, or sheer competition from other retailers has caused the prices to stay sensible this year, allowing many more wives and girlfriends to enjoy the sight and smell of a fresh bunch of roses! The wife and I agreed this year that because of the financial situation with her maternity pay now having finished, that we wouldn’t do gifts for this year, so while I may appear tight for just getting bubbly and flowers, there is a reason behind it and I couldn’t just let the day pass with only a card. As you can see from the photo, I was extremely lucky to not only have a card from my wife, but also one and a gift from my daughter, although I think that she didn’t want to part with the card!

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