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“I can no more stop worrying about you than I can stop myself from breathing.”


I knew today was going to be a bad weather day, but I was prepared for it. Rain was forecast for the entire day, but I missed it on the way in, and on the way home too. What I couldn’t avoid was the wind. I got an update on my phone from the BBC news app about 100mph winds heading for the south coast, and at the end of the day a further update about 105mph winds being recorded on the coast of Wales. Looking out of the window and seeing the trees swaying and bending, although we are over 100 miles from the coast, did not fill me with hope. The wife sent me a text to see if I wanted picking up in the car, but to me it felt like cheating and I didn’t want the weather to beat me. I have to admit, the journey home had me feeling a little nervous as I could see how truly windy it was, and I was wondering if turning down a lift was the right thing to do! It still never ceases to amaze me how peoples driving doesn’t adjust to compensate for the weather, its clearly dangerously windy, I am balancing on two wheels and trying not to move across the road too much when the gusts hit me, but not only do people fail to move over enough, if anything they’re driving closer than usual!! Seriously?? What is wrong with people in this country? They don’t have this problem in Amsterdam!! On the way in, the weak plastic mudguards I’d transferred across from my old bike gave in and split, so I had to perform a temporary repair to get me home with some strong tape. I’m not confident it will last the week out, so I had to go out andbuy some more tonight. Ideally I’d have got them from amazon to get the best price and so I can also see the reviews and pick the right ones. The ones I have picked up are cheap and I’m not sure how long they will last, but if I can at least get another month out of them then hopefully we’ll start to see some better weather and it won’t be an issue until the winter rolls around again! The mid priced set were the ones I already had and are clearly easily breakable, and the top priced pair only got 3.5/5 stars on amazon, plus they were £10 more expensive in Halfords. Fingers crossed the cheap pair will do, although I haven’t got time to fit them tonight as I am out to catch up with my friend. He’s having a difficult week with his relationship, so I am not going to bail on him for the sake of a set of mud guards. If the weather is dry in the morning and the wind has died down then I will take the bike and risk the current mudguards with the temporary repair, otherwise I’ll just have to take the car!

Anyway, enough cycling talk for now, I am guessing that most people who read this are probably wondering more about how my beautiful daughter is coming along, rather than my bike woes. Olivia is an absolute picture of beauty, and is still sleeping well at night, as she has done since she was 9 weeks old! She’ll often weake up just before 7am for about half an hour and then go back to sleep for a bit longer. Our next big step is the process of weaning, which I think we’ll be starting very soon. The teething process is still going on, rosy red cheeks, excessive dribbling and various other signs, although no obvious evidence of any discomfort as a result. Hopefully that will still be the case when the teeth actually come through, as there are still none as yet! Clare has also been out and picked up a new travel cot for when we are visiting friends next week, and also to keep at my moms house for the days she looks after Olivia when Clare is back to work. We haven’t given it a trial run yet, so I am hoping she will be okay sleeping in it, but we will try her with a few naps in it before we go away. I’d spent a few hours at my friends house chewing the fat about life and his relationship situation, which is a bit of a waiting game at the moment to see how things pan out. There’s only so much advice you can give, especially when you don’t know all the details. Sometimes all you can do is be there when things don’t go as planned. It was nice to get home and see Olivia up for her final bottle of the day, and those gorgeous smiles that can make my heart sing like nothing else! But now the house is quiet (apart from the howling wind outside) as wife and daughter are in bed, and now its my turn. This blog has kept me up again, although there was little avoiding it tonight. Todays photo is the beautiful cupcake made by the wife awaiting me when I got home. I am so lucky in so many ways!


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