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As quick as the weekends comes… its gone again!! Monday morning didn’t feel so bad knowing that the next Monday to roll around can be happily spent in bed when my week off starts. This morning was a nice, fresh 0ºc and so it meant a set amount of clothing to compensate, too much and the journey turns into a sweatfest, too little and those biting winds really take their toll! I still go out in thin clothing that would make most people shudder in horror at the mere thought of it, but I tend to cycle at a pace that soon warms me up, so I never find it a problem. The cold is certainly one thing that doesn’t put me off… although I can’t lie, I really am looking forward to the summer!

The long term weather forecast for the rest of the month isn’t looking good either, cycling will be a bit miserable and I can see the allotment being another late start again this year. I suppose if I am going to try and make any resolutions this year, it will be to spend more time on the allotment. Last year with the house preparations followed by the move and then the arrival of Olivia, I didn’t have much choice but to leave most of the allotment duties to my friend Dave. He didn’t mind, and it did help that it’s just at the end of his garden, although now we’ve moved house, it is only a short walk for me to get to it as well, although I don’t have a key for the gate to get in to it. Dave is one of my oldest friends, and it only happened by chance that we ended up living so close together. He was also one of the two best men I had at my wedding, and although I didn’t see him while we was away at university, we’ve always stayed in touch! I ordered a bunch of seeds for planting this year, and one of the items on my to-do list for the weekend just gone was to get a few of them planted, which I will try and do this weekend instead. The only problem that could potentially lie ahead is that the seeds start to germinate in the greenhouse and then we get hit with a big frost and I lose them all! So I have to ask myself, is it worth waiting a bit longer?? Next week we’re heading down to Devon to stay with friends for a couple of nights, which I am looking forward to, and hopefully the recent weather and floods won’t affect the journey. I am fairly sure we will see some evidence of flooding, and I’ll try to grab a shot if I get a chance. We’re all prepared for next week anyway, while I was at work the wife was over at Merry Hill and picked up a travel cot, which will be useful for next week and also for when she is back to work and the parents are looking after Olivia for us. I came home tonight just as Olivia was waking from a nap, perfect timing for some cuddles! The wife had to pop out for a while and so it was down to me to put Olivia back down and read her a bit more of Paddington Bear when she wouldn’t go to sleep. It took a little while and I got a good way through the book, but I won again! Let’s have a cheer for good old Paddington on the iPad Kindle app! We also have some lovely Disney books to read, although these are proper paper books which I am keen for Olivia to keep and read as she grows up. You can’t beat the old school approach, real pens, books, paper and paint when it comes to children. I don’t want Olivia getting too attached to technology too soon, I want her wearing my old shirts and getting paint up to her elbows, and drawing pictures with crayons, and modelling with play-doh! I’m really looking forward to her learning to play an instrument, going for Sunday afternoon walks in the woods, learning to dance and generally not turning into what I call one of the console generation kids. We’re a long way off from worrying about that though, but I do think its nice to have a bit of a plan, or at the very least some ideals!


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