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“There aren’t enough days in the weekend.”


What a fantastic start to the weekend, a truly wonderful Saturday! Okay so it wasn’t perfect, the wife woke up with a hangover after half a glass of wine (or something like that) last night, the big lightweight! While it’s one of the great luxuries of the weekend, to be able to stroll around in your dressing gown and slippers, it comes to a point, no matter what you’ve done so far, that you still feel like you’ve wasted half a day! The morning started a bit slow, so I decided to throw some clothes on and get moving. My plan was to take Olivia swimming today, and although it was clear I would be taking her on my own I was still committed to my cause!
Olivia looked gorgeous in her swim costume and the swim was a total success, she loved it! It was a great experience for her, so much to see, so many people, so much noise, the smell of the water. I was having a great time spending some time with her, which I don’t get to do much of during the week, especially on my own. I was a bit skeptical that we’d even make it as she didn’t get her afternoon nap and was starting to look tired when we were getting ready to leave. Thankfully it was all fine, the afternoon was thoroughly enjoyed by both of us, but experience told me that when we got home she’d be ready to drop. I didn’t even wait for her to get tired, she was pretty much straight upstairs and in her cot, and asleep in no time.
Clare headed out to visit her mom and dad and then head to the supermarket to get some pizzas for tonight and some lunch for tomorrow as we have friends coming over! Olivia was awake after a good 90 minute nap and was ready for milk… NOOOOOW DADDYYYYYY!!! I knew after missing an afternoon nap that she wouldn’t last very long, and again I decided to put her down before she started showing signs of being tired. Now its time for that pizza and a film with the wife.


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