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“The whole point of the week is the weekend.”


Well that week absolutely flew by, suddenly its the weekend again! Had a pleasant enough cycle into work this morning, but decided to ditch the gym even before I left the house, as I had to finish my cake and I’d already missed the gym all week anyway. The cake went down a treat at work and I had a half decent day, even though I’d totally forgotten to take my keys which was really annoying. Thankfully the wife didn’t have much planned apart from a bit of shopping, and so was able to drop my keys in at lunchtime, allowing me to have a little cuddle with Olivia and show her off to a few people. I felt quite proud doing so, I can’t lie!

The wife was heading out for food and drinks with friends tonight, and it was my turn to baby sit and stay in. I took her into town to save the taxi fare, and was hoping to pick her up again when she was done. Taxis could have easily added another £30 to the nights cost, maybe more, and its money we don’t have at the moment. All I had to do was wait until she was home before I tucked into my beer. The other dilemma I had was taking Olivia out late at night when she was supposed to be asleep in her cot. Thankfully my sister agreed to baby sit for half an hour while I went out to collect Clare! Before that we sat down for a supermarket take away and a few drinks and out on Batman Begins as my sister had never seen in before!

I struggled for a photo today, but caught this glimpse in the garage, and I hope to be spending some time in there this weekend trying to get the place tidied up. Its a very easy area of the house to overlook!


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