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36.365.2014 – (10% completed already!!)

“The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express.”


More crazy weather hits the UK! Todays forecast was grim, and grim was exactly what I woke up to. I decided, mostly for safety, that today was a day to take the car and drive to work! As I left the house it was pouring, although ironically by the time I got to work the rain had stopped and I could see blue sky! It was still very windy though, and that was the dangerous bit. Trying to keep a straight line on a busy main road during rush hour with the wind trying to throw you sideways always makes me feel a little nervous!

It was a bit of a chaotic day, and when it was over I was secretly quite happy that I had a car waiting to drive home in. My legs were in bits from Tuesday and with the wind still quite strong, I was just not feeling the love for cycling home today! I walked in to see Olivia sprawled across the sofa, fast asleep, which was such a cute sight and thankfully it wasn’t too long before she was awake for cuddles with daddy!

We’ve had the idea put in our heads recently about a baby modelling agency, and to be honest, I can’t really see a downside to trying. Its free to register and we have nothing to lose. If we don’t get anywhere, then we’re in no worse a position than if we didn’t try at all! I have very realistic expectations, in that I know we do have a very cute little girl, but there are probably a gazillion parents out there who also think the same about their baby and have already applied, and probably accepted. I’m well aware that many cute babies will have been submitted, and us doing so is no more likely to get us anywhere than buying a lottery ticket! But, like I said, its free, and its worth a shot! We have to submit a few pictures for consideration with our application and so todays picture is one of those! Oh and on a separate note, happy five months old to Olivia today! People keep commenting on how fast she’s growing and changing, clearly more people are looking at the photos that I post on facebook than I realised, its hard to tell as a lot of people don’t always comment. I really don’t know where the last five months have gone though, she’s going to be one year old before we know it! I just hope we have a nice summer, as I am really keen to have a bit of a garden party/bbq for her and the other babies from our antenatal group in August, as they’ll all be one within a few weeks of each other! Friends have previously hired out soft play centres and such for first birthday parties, which is fine if there are older toddlers there, but I personally think its a bit of a waste for one year olds. Although saying that, if we have a wet August, and the bbq/garden party is off, what else can we do?? I guess its a little too early to be worrying about things like that, although I do like to plan ahead when I can! Late at night when I should be in bed is probably the wrong time for it though!


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