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“Without the dark, we’d never see the stars.”


The day started earlier than I’d hoped, after a bit of a late night I was keeping my fingers crossed for a bit of a lie in, but it was clear that when Olivia made it known she was awake, the wife was far too tired to get up and so I took Olivia downstairs to change and feed her. We had friends popping over today with their new little daughter, and so after showering I was off to the supermarket to get some supplies for lunch. Our friends stayed for a good part of the afternoon and it was lovely catching up with them, their little girl is only four weeks old, but they are in a similar situation to us with regard to being well into our 30s before having our first baby, as well as exclusively bottle feeding. I just hope things run as smooth for them in the next few weeks as it as they have for us so far, we have been extremely lucky and I am well aware of this, and trust me, I do not take it for granted for a second! After our guests left, we took a trip over to see my mom for an hour, and then headed home to get Olivia ready for bed, her bedtime routine is becoming more important now she’s five months old and in her own room as we want to try to encourage a good sleep pattern for her. As I was putting her up to bed, I noticed all the little books and ornaments on her shelf (that clearly her mother had put there!) and the pattern cast on the wall by the lamp shade, and so thought I’d snap it. I’m not sure if the photo works, but quite frankly I’m too exhausted to find another one and I’m just thinking about my own bed now!


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