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The fire in your eyes keeps me alive…



Photo taken at sensible time = pass
Blog written at sensible time = fail

It has been a truly lovely day, but sadly events have meant that I’ve had to leave it until now to type up the blog, bad times… again!

I really wanted to take Olivia swimming today, but her poorly tummy meant that we had to wait another week! I was so ezcited, and although she seems fine in herself, one too many runny nappies is all the info I need, thanks! Instead we took our time getting ready and headed out to Isabelle’s 2nd birthday party! The two downsides to this event was that a) we went past the end of Birmingham International Airports runway and got to watch the planes taking off to hotter climates and leaving cold, wet Birmingham behind!, and b) we had to go down Lady Byron Lane to get to our destination, which gave us a massive case of house envy!! For anyone that has never been down lady byron lane… imagine owning a mansion, but then realising that you have lots of rich friends who also own mansions… on the same road, so that you have lots of money related things to talk about! Its the kind of road that makes you think “HOW, just how do they earn THIS kind of money???”. Anyway, the afternoons party was lovely and we had a great time introducing Olivia to ball pools! We went back to the house and had a drink and cake, and headed home for about 5pm. We had guests at 7pm, my sister and boyfriend! It was time, yet again for delicious fajitas, nom nom nom! Afterwards I used a friends recipe and made a delicious banoffee pie, which went down fairly well. Anybody want some??

With dinner and dessert out of the way, we got down to watching our film of choice for the night, “limitless”. My sister seems to have seen do few important movies, it absolutely amazes me! I’m trying ot educate her! Its a long, hard process, there are still many films we need to see!

But for now the blog is done and I am off to bed,as no amount of caffeine is keeping me awake tonight!


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