365 project, Babies


“We’ve been focusing so much on getting there that we haven’t been enjoying the ride”


This morning was the moment of truth, time to take the trusty new steed out on the road, and what a morning to take my new bike for its debut ride. It seemed much darker than the last few mornings, and at just 2ºc it was very cold, not a morning when I needed to be stopping to try and fix things! It was almost like the sun had actually been cancelled today, but the bike totally took my mind off it, it was an absolute pleasure to ride! It looks like the weather forecast for the next week is set to do its best to put me off cycling, but I don’t give up that easily! I will be very glad for the arrival of February though, when I can actually cycle to and from work in daylight again. I still need to get some new lights for my bike though, the ones I got just before christmas are good, but just not enough! In all the years of cycling, I have never given lights the attention they deserved, I just wish someone had told me years ago about the importance of good lighting on a bike. Sadly one of the first and only places most people will go for bikes and bike accessories is Halfords, and whilst they sell a lot of bike accessories, their range of lights is, quite frankly, shocking! The only place I go now, is Amazon or eBay, the range of half decent lights on offer is so much better and lights that actually fill me with a little confidence as well.

The ride home was wet… wet and cold… wet and cold and dark and to be honest, its the wet that gets me. I can cope with anything else, even when the temperature drops to -4ºc i’m fine, its just the relentless rain! Just my luck that apparently we’ve had the wettest January ever since records began over 100 years ago! Still, it could be worse, there are families around the UK living in villages still totally surrounded by water, totally cut off from everyone else. Our problems in the Midlands are virtually zero by comparison! Still, I made sure I was well wrapped up before I left work, and was toasty warm on the way home. I text the wife before I left work and mentioned that I was starving, and bless her, dinner was pretty much ready when I got home. How lucky am I?! I’m making the most of this while I can, as soon as she is back to work, I am likely to be the first one home, and therefore expected to get on with the dinner, a bit of a role reversal!

I got some smiles out of Olivia when I got back, but it wasn’t long before the tiredness kicked in , as it was that time of night, and I was taking her upstairs for a nap in her cot. She woke screaming about half hour later, I am guessing some kind of bad dream, so I brought her back downstairs, calmed her down and rocked her to sleep, where she proceeded to spend the next hour asleep lying across my chest. Its lovely, but doesn’t give you the chance to get much done, and I was hoping to go and visit my nan again tonight!

Oh well, last day of the week tomorrow, Friday is almost here!


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