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“Annoyance and pathos warred in my breast, and after a short struggle, annoyance punched pathos in the snout like the voracious shark it was.”


Annoyed? Why yes, that’ll be me then! Today is going to be one of those whingy, moany posts, so if you’re just here for the picture then move along, you’ve seen it!

So I spent ages last night getting my old bike ready to hit the road, and set off for work this morning, a reasonable journey until I actually got to within a few hundred yards of work and my back tire suddenly went flat! With no way of fixing it I had little choice but to call the wife and get her to pick me up after work!

I’d decided that I wanted a new bike anyway and arranged through the cycle to work scheme to pick up a new bike today, it was a lovely bike with some good reviews, I just had to try and find the time to collect it after work, and before I headed out to my Tuesday night Jujitsu class. I had little choice but to collect it on the way, only the traffic was giving me the finger and telling me “not tonight Vokes!”. I was well and truly going nowhere. Finally I got to Halfords and picked up the bike, and got on the motorway, getting stuck in even more traffic, and it didn’t help that I got on going the wrong way!! It was official, I was out of time, the journey was 35 minutes at best, it was 6:45pm and the class, lasting only an hour, starts at 7:00pm. It was time to accept the inevitable and head home! I set about fixing my new bike up for the morning, and my first job was taking off the pedals and putting my clip pedals on. Turns out it was also to be my last job, I broke my spanner on the first pedal and had to head back to Halfords to buy a new one, when I got back I cut my finger wide open on the second pedal and still couldn’t get it off, even with the new spanner! I tried and tried to the point that I was wearing down the nut on the pedal, and feared I would never get it off. I had to accept defeat and face the fact I was not cycling tomorrow and my new bike was essentially useless at the moment! Looks like I am taking the car after all, something I didn’t want to have to do! I’m going to have to take the bike back into Halfords and tell them to fix it or give me another one! I could well do without having to waste even more time, why does nothing go simple when I buy bikes from there??

Just to make all this worse, it was time that I WASN’T spending with my daughter. I wouldn’t mind if I had a working bike at the end of it, but all I have now is a bike I can’t use and a plaster on my finger and no patience left! At least I got to enjoy a little time with the daughter, and a delicious dinner courtesy of the wife. I did take Olivia up to her room for a nap before her final bottle of the night and as she was still awake, decided to read to her and picked up where I left off with Paddington Bear on the Kindle app on my iPad. I know she is too young to understand the words, but I believe that it is good for her to get to know my voice properly, and be surrounded by proper words and not just baby noises and cooing and to establish her concentration and listening without the distraction of music or tv! I want to make reading to her a part of a regular night time routine.


1 thought on “28.365.2014”

  1. I’m no stranger to writing moany posts so I think everyone is allowed to have a few! That’s a shame about your bike…and all the rest! Tomorrow will be a better day!


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