365 project, Babies


“Ideas pull the trigger, but instinct loads the gun.”


This weekend was an idea that just never happened, and that idea was to take my bike down to the repair shop and get the gears looked at. Just before I got home on Friday the rear gears on my bike totally failed on me, I’d have a go at trying to fix it if I could work out what caused it! So today I had no choice but to take the car to work, and thanks to the wife for letting me use it. We became a one car family two years ago after my car was written off, as I mentioned in a recent post, and so far only having the one car has caused us no real problems. Things obviously changed when Olivia was born, as Clare would obviously be off work and would need the car to get out and about if she didn’t want to be sitting around the house all day. Consequently I do feel a little guilty when I take the car to work and leave her without it, even though I know a) she has probably been out several days that week and wants a day in, and b) her parents are retired and living just around the corner, and c) its generally only on days that its pouring with rain or icy that I take it anyway.

I decided to head into work early today, and instead of hitting the treadmill, as I still have this horrible cold anyway, actually got some work done instead, so I can get out early and take my bike to the bike shop, like I should have done on Saturday! I tried calling them, but they didn’t answer, and upon getting there with my bike in the boot of the car, it became apparent why… they were closed! At 4:15pm they must have been closed all day, although I can’t think why. My plan was to head to Halfords afterwards anyway to buy a new light bulb for the car, so I thought I’d see if they could look at the bike instead. After waiting what felt like an eternity with almost no staff visible, I was finally told that they couldn’t help anyway. I got what I needed and headed home.

This evening it became my mission to get my old bike up and running again and ready to take me to work tomorrow. This was going to involve re-inflating the tires, taking my clip pedals from the current bike and putting them on the old bike, oiling everything and then transferring the lights. It took a lot longer than I expected as the pedals were almost impossible to get off, but I managed it! Now my bike is ready for the morning, although I haven’t taken it outside and tested it, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the gears behave! Even though she has assured me she doesn’t need it, I don’t want to leave the wife without the car for two days in a row!

In other non bike related news, it looks like tonight is the night we leave Olivia in her own room over night. It feels like a big move, and i’m not sure i’m 100% ready for it anymore, but we do have the baby monitor! Still, she’s in there now, and its probably a good thing as there’s every chance I’ll be making some ungodly snoring noises with this horrible cold, and an inability to use my nose which currently feels like it has been sandpapered! One of the downsides to working with children is the difficulty in avoiding their pesky germs!


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