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Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana…


Very grateful to my wonderful wife for allowing me a bit of a lie in this morning, as I was up later than I’d hoped last night fighting with itunes, and then to top it off, woke up this morning with a cold. No, I’m not after any sympathy, just grateful for an extra hour in bed!

We’d invited both of the parents over today for lunch, and it was a great success. We used the posh plates from Christmas and it all tasted delicious, the beef was cooked perfectly and the yorkshire puddings came up a treat! I had already decided, before anyone turned up, that I wanted to recreate a photo I took almost six months ago just before Olivia was born…


I thought it was a lovely comparison, and I’m glad with how it came out. I was very grateful to the two mothers for washing up after we’d eaten. The kitchen looks spotless again already! Both parents had a lovely day spending time with Olivia and being cooked for, and commented on how much more they enjoyed the food having not had to stand and cook it themselves. Olivia seemed to enjoy all the attention, although did need to keep having naps, and so we made sure she went up to her cot in her own room. The video monitor, although a bit of a luxury, has been a great asset!


People have said “Oh it’ll make you neurotic, you’ll end up watching it all the time instead of the tv!” which couldn’t be further from the truth. When our little lady sleeps, she really sleeps! It would be pointless to watch it all night, but it does save her rather anxious mother the trouble of heading upstairs every 15 minutes to make sure she hasn’t smothered herself with a blanket! Last night we gave in and put her back in her moses basket in our room, but clearly she likes to spread out, a luxury the moses basket does definitely not allow any more! So, is tonight the tonight we let our big girl sleep in her own room? It feels like such a big step, I can’t lie, I’m a little anxious about it myself, but it has to happen soon, no matter how much we try to kid ourselves! On a plus note, her poorly little tummy seems to be slowly getting a bit better, although we have introduced some water in between feeds to make sure she doesn’t dehydrate!

Sadly it looks like tomorrow morning I’ll be taking the car, my poor bike is having gear issues and there is a weather warning for frost, which is never a good thing when the amount of rubber I have in contact with the road is the size of two postage stamps! All in all the best thing is going to be to drive, so I’ll have to get up extra early and see if I can compensate with a big run on the treadmill!


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