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“The storm starts, when the drops start dropping. When the drops stop dropping then the storm starts stopping.”


It comes as no surprise that the day started slowly with both me and the wife feeling quite tired. We didn’t hurry to get up and let Olivia have cuddles in our bed for a while. It was a nice way to start the day. There was only one real plan today, and that was to take Olivia for her first time swimming. Sadly, her poor little tummy wasn’t quite right and we’d had a number of nasty nappies in the last 24 hours, so we abandoned the idea. We didn’t yet have a swimsuit for her anyway, it had been my plan to get up early and buy one first. Eventually we decided it was time to get out of the house, and took ourselves off to find a swimsuit for Olivia, which thankfully didn’t take too long. We’ll try her in it next week and see if we can find some baths with a decent kids pool that isn’t too cold. While we were out on our little shopping trip, some dark grey clouds rapidly rolled over and the next thing I know the car is being battered by a hail storm with lightning flashing above us and the road turning into a real hazard. We were soon heading down hill and had to adjust our speed as the road was covered in hail, these tiny little balls of ice were not going to be our friends when we tried to brake at the bottom unless we slowed right down. Normally in the UK we find hail showers lasting a minute or two, but this went on for a full 20 minutes or longer and by the time it had finished, the ground looked as if it had been snowing! After we picked up the swimsuit our next stop was the DIY store to check out some home alarms as Clare was having some reservations over the long term cost of the ADT one that we’d recently signed up to, as we still have a few days left to cancel the contract. Hopefully we will get one installed pretty sharpish, as the recent break-ins in the area have left me VERY nervous about leaving the house unattended! My only reassurance is that the back of our house can been seen clearly by most of the houses behind us. The last break in we knew about was just a couple of doors down and they have big bushes all around their garden! My last job of the day was to pop to the butchers to get piece of meat for lunch tomorrow as we have both parents coming over. I spent a bit more than I expected, but I don’t usually buy beef for six people, and maybe I’ll even get a bit left over to take to work on next weeks sandwiches. Clare headed out for an hour to the evening service at church and left me with Olivia, who was asleep in her cot by the time Clare came home. We want to put her down in the cot just for naps at the moment, but as I type this I’m still not sure if she is coming back into our room tonight, or we’re going to leave her in the cot overnight for the first time. She’s quite happy there and perfectly safe, but I know Clare is reluctant to give in just yet. I’ll admit, I am too, but it has to happen at some point!


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