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The pen is mightier than the email…


Whats the significance of todays photo? Well, its absolutely nothing to do with today, but I opened the drawer on my computer desk upstairs earlier this evening, which I don’t use quite as often now I have the MacBook Pro, and found the pen inside there. It is most definitely my favourite pen, given to me by my wife as a valentines gift before we were married, and I love to write, and I love to have nice pens. This one in particular comes in a little zip up case and has my name inscribed on the side. A fantastic choice from the wife, and very thoughtful to have it engraved as well! If someone wants me to write something down, and they offer me a cheap biro, I will probably pretend I haven’t even seen it and go looking for a nice pen instead! Probably a bit weird to some people, I know, but I do like a nice pen to write with! Oh, and nothing annoys me more than losing pens, especially the nice ones, it drives me bonkers! So if you ever ask to borrow one, I will probably stand there with my arms folded until your done, just so you don’t try and walk off with it, and if you do manage to get away or promise you’ll “be right back”, guaranteed you’ve got only a 10 minute head start before I begin hunting you down! I thought of todays title, and the obvious choice of the pen being mightier than the sword hardly seems applicable in the 21st century, much unlike the dreaded business of complaining to companies by email, which even today seems to largely get ignored or takes and eternity to get a reply. A good solid hand written letter, on the other hand, will certainly grab someones attention! It shows a little bit more passion and commitment than a snotty email! One thing I want to teach my daughter as she grows up is the importance of good handwriting and punctuation, it makes such a strong impression. I can’t help but find myself judging people a little bit, on poor spelling and punctuation, especially teenagers who are growing up in a world of text speak, abbreviations and internet slang. Sure, I may sound old by saying this, but I do worry that the art of handwriting and knowing how to compose a proper, structured sentence on paper will be lost. Likewise, even with all the iPad apps and plug in gadgets for drawing, I will be making sure Olivia knows the feel of a real pen or wax crayon and how it actually works on different types of paper, and that if you make a mistake you can’t just click undo. It teaches actions and consequences and attention to detail. The world is a-changing, but only because we’re letting it!

As for todays little update, the cycling and running combined is taking its toll on my legs, the ride home felt especially difficult today, but only one more to go before the weekend! I can manage the 12 mile round trip on the bike and 3 mile run on the treadmill just once more! I got home to a very tired looking little baby, who I was just in time to rock to sleep. As she woke up for her evening bottle, we put her coat on, got her in the car seat and took her over to see my nan who still isn’t out of hospital just yet, and so is very much appreciating the visits, even though Olivia slept from the moment we left the house until the moment we walked back in the front door! I was glad to have made the visit though, my nan seems happy enough, but I know it cheers her up to see people! With so many cousins though, I just can’t understand why so few of them have been to see her! Families are funny things!


3 thoughts on “23.365.2014”

  1. I’m not fussy about my pens as long as I can write smoothly with them. I wish people would write more – I miss receiving handwritten letters. I just mailed a postcard to my family in Singapore yesterday and drew a few horses (as it’s going to be the zodiac year of the horse) 🙂


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