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Familiar territory…


Okay, so its another Olivia photo today, I’ll admit I really was clutching at straws for todays photo. She looked adorable all night, and I couldnt resist. When I actually got home from work, she was spread out across her play mat absolutely spark out! As always, she woke up in a happy mood.

Tonight I had to deliver a wedding albun and pop round to my friends. I was hoping to see my nan tonight, but it just wasnt possible in the end, as I didnt have the time. The journey times wouldn’t have allowed it. I was already held back from leaving by the door bell ringing just as I was about to go out, and found it was the ADT rep trying to sell us an alarm for the house. Normally I’m the guy who says no thank you to most sellers, but we were already out looking for a house alarm anyway after a spate of regular break ins, in the area. They even offered us a better deal than we imagined we’d get anywhere else. Hopefully they’ll be able to fit it soon and we’ll feel much more secure. At the moment I feel a little uneasy about us both going out anywhere, as during my working day there is generally at least the wife in, so the house isnt completely empty. I still have a whole bunch of cameras lying around and other stuff that needs protecting. After Mr ADT Rep was gone, I delivered the wedding album, then shot across to my friends house, and then home.

So tiiiired!


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