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Monday morning rolls around again and my alarm clock sounded like the clanging of a church bell plummeting from the bell tower and crashing into the floor! It wasn’t the best nights sleep either, strange dreams causing me to toss and turn, which didn’t help much. Thankfully, even though I struggled to get up, I made it in for a 5k run on the treadmill after cycling in. The road was quite frosty, so I was über careful trying to make the short ride to the main road. Tomorrows forecast sounds like even more fun, heavy fog, oh joy!

I got home today to find that the father in law had been round and working in the kitchen, putting a line of tiles on the wall along the top of the worktop, and it looked fantastic. He’s very good, and I just don’t know what we’d have done without all his help! We’d chosen the tiles months ago, but unfortunately they were not a priority, and just had to wait with so many other things going on. Slowly, our house is finally starting to get there! We’d also had a couple of deliveries, food shopping and a wedding album I had ordered for a couple who got married a few months ago. The food shopping, which although it isn’t very exciting, I am still very much enjoying as it means we don’t have to go out in the evening and spend an hour wandering around the supermarket. It meant our evening was free to do other things, and I was keen to get out and see my nan in hospital tonight, I know she’d love to see Olivia, and the ward she’s in allows children and babies in! Sadly Olivia had other ideas and became quite upset, extreme tiredness combined with some possible trapped wind lead to a crying fit for a while before I finally managed to rock her to sleep and then let her lie across me while she napped. I could never have predicted that she was going to nap for three solid hours! So that was pretty much my evening wrapped up, I do love spending time with my daughter, but that wasn’t exactly what I had in mind! She even missed a complete feed as she slept straight through it, but clearly was too tired to be woken up, so after we finally managed to rouse her, she had the next bottle and we’re hoping she’ll have at least a small bottle before bed to make up for it! She’s a very healthy weight though, and its no great cause for concern. We need to look at making the bottles bigger soon, but she’s still not quite finishing every bottle yet.

Anyway, bed for me, that’s late enough!


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