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“If you seek creative ideas go walking. Angels whisper to a man when he goes for a walk.”


Give me a petition for a three day weekend, and I will sign it! It has been a fantastic weekend and I have thoroughly enjoyed sunday. The weekends always seem to go too fast, and I do sometimes get annoyed when we have a really slow start to the day and effectively waste a morning, but then again, sometimes I think thats what weekends are for. After a week of early starts, its nice to slow down for a couple of days, providing we don’t waste the WHOLE day, or do it every weekend! Today was one of the few days so far this year where we looked out of the window and genuinely smiled at the weather, blue sky and sunshine was a great excuse to get out for a walk and blow out a few cobwebs. We couldn’t go far, as the sheer amount of rain we’ve had lately will have turned most of the places we might have chosen to go into complete mud pits! We were expecting some friends to drop in for coffee later with their new little baby, but after a quick phone call and mentioning the walk they decided to join us instead! We met up at a local country park, which was still a little damp and muddy, but it was the best we could hope for after all the rain, but we’d thought ahead prepared ourselves with 1) proper walking shoes and 2) taking Olivia in her chest harness so we didn’t have to push the buggy through the mud! She’s put on plenty of weight lately, and so I decided to carry her, as the harness was a bit much for Clare’s back.

Olivia walk

Before we’d set out, we had prepared our sausage casserole for lunch and put it in the slow cooker so that it would be almost ready when we got back, and as we ended up walking for almost an hour and a half, this turned out to be a wise move! When we got home, we boiled up a few potatoes for mash and cooked some veg and felt like we’d truly earned that lunch, albeit a bit of a late one! A short while later, we both decided that as delicious as lunch was, it just was’t enough, and so Clare headed out to the local shop while Olivia slept on me. I can’t lie, triple chocolate cookies with hot custard on them has set my diet back several days, I certainly won’t be wasting my time completing the myfitnesspal app today, if my phone could sigh with disappointment then I’m sure it would! Still, I’m not going to beat myself up too much about it, tomorrow morning I’ll be back on the bike to get to work, and back on the treadmill as soon as I get there!

This evening was probably one of the last Sunday night bath times for Olivia in her little plastic bath in the living room, with me holding her and Clare washing her. She’s just getting too big now, and Clare has already started putting her in the big bath in her little support cradle when I’m not there to help. After Olivia was bathed, dried and dressed it was time for her bottle and then sleep. While she was sleeping, Clare was upstairs adding some new artwork to Olivia’s bedroom wall, that she’d ordered recently. I have to say, it looks really nice. We also took the plastic wrapping off her cot mattress and put a sheet on ready for her to make the move from our room to hers. I’ve also attached a camera for the video baby monitor to the wall as well. I don’t think we’ll be paranoid parents who spend more time watching the video monitor than the tv, as we’ve been fairly relaxed so far and our little girl really does sleep well. It will be strange not having her in our room any more though, or having her downstairs in the living room until we go to bed! How time flies, just like everyone has warned us, these wonderful early days are over all too soon. A number of friends have had babies in the last six weeks and Olivia just looks huge next to them now.


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