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And the little one said “roll over”…


A week of early starts can take its toll by the end of the week, and after staying up late on Friday night to watch films, my body was ruined! I heard Olivia stirring this morning, but knew there was a good chance, as is normally the case, that she’d only be awake for 20-30 minutes and soon be back to sleep. It would seem I wasn’t even going to give her the chance for me to find out, I was asleep again before I knew it and rolled over to look at the alarm clock to find it was suddenly 8:45am. I was a bit confused, why was it so silent? It turns out Olivia went above and beyond the call of being a perfect baby and slept right in so me and Clare could have a proper morning of rest! We have the best baby in the world!

The morning was a slow one, as all we had to do was be ready for about 1:30pm to visit Clare’s friends and meet our new god son! It was a fabulous afternoon seeing them and they made some of the best home made pizzas ever! Clare’s cake went down a treat, and before we knew it we’d been there six hours and had to get home to see my sister who was calling round with her other half to see us and Olivia. All in all it has been a fantastic day, and has gone far too fast, but has been thoroughly enjoyable!

Took todays photo early this morning, after Olivia had roused from her lie in and I’d changed her. I brought her into our bed for cuddles, as I like to on a Saturday, theres certainly no room for it on a weekday morning! I had no plans for a quick and easy photo of the day, I intended to put a bit of effort in, but this caught me straight away!


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