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The weekend begins here…


I’m sure I remember joking to someone at work, saying “is it friday yet?” when it was actually only Tuesday lunchtime, but here we are, Friday night already! It has been a lovely night, just me, the wife and the daughter! Clare cooked up a delicious spag bol, and we sat down to watch a film with a few drinks, Olivia had napped during the day and spent some of the evening awake, but soon reached the point of no return and needed to sleep. I think we paused the film for a total of five minutes before I’d rocked her to sleep and managed to refill our glasses, we have such a good baby! The one byproduct that comes from having a baby is that your home never looks the same again, even with Olivia only four months old, we seem to have accumulated a mass of items that we don’t have much space for, with toys and chairs everywhere and clothes drying on radiators, the house is not quite what it was when we moved in. It is most definitely a family home now and not a couples home any more! Still, I like to think of it as not so much trying to create a perfect, tidy house, but creating happy memories for the future!

This weekend also pretty much marks two years to the day that this happened…
2012-01-21 11.01.08
Yup, that was my car sitting quite happily on the pavement alongside the road, when a much smaller car decided to have a go! I am guessing the driver was drunk as they crashed the car, got out and ran away instead of trying to drive off! A neighbour woke us at about 2:45am to let us know, and it was a bit like a dream to see it outside looking like this! The good news though, was the financial side of it, the insurance company were prepared for a full payout and as a result actually gave me more than I paid for it , as I got it at a good price from a friend! In the two years since it has happened and I have been cycling, I reckon I have saved in the region of £5000 in petrol, insurance, MOT and tax, new tyres and repairs. It is so nice cycling to work and coming home knowing that I have not spent a penny in fuel, and of course it helps with my weight and I am also doing my bit for the planet! On top of which, I can no longer tolerate being stuck in traffic, it drives me crazy and when, on the odd occasion I take the wife’s car to work, I just want to get out, leave the car and walk! The 25 minute journey on my bike means that I can miss out all the traffic, which’d otherwise have to sit in and crawl to work, or home. There is a great sense of satisfaction to be had from zipping through all the cars and lorries, and beating someone along their journey!

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