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Its all uphill from here…


Looks like we have a wet, cold January ahead of us, the forecast does not look promising! Getting to and from work either dry or soaking wet seems no more reliable than tossing a coin at the moment! I watched an article on tv recently about how all this weather is currently being affected by the position of the jet stream over the UK, which is what gave us such a miserable 2012, so I’m not holding out much hope for a similar summer to the one we had last year! I will, however, be getting some use out of the bbq, even if I have to do it with an umbrella!

I was glad to be home from work today, it has been a challenging few days, but with wednesday out of the way it means we are now over halfway through the working week and with the weekend comes two whole days to spend with my daughter. Anything else we get to do, is just a bonus really, its all about being with the family for me, especially my daughter who continues to grow and change at an alarming rate! This weekend we get to meet our new godson, which we are both very much looking forward to! I am hoping I will also get to see my other godson, but thats still not guaranteed at the moment!

Wednesday night is normally a night where I catch up with a couple of friends, but since christmas we haven’t quite got back on it properly, and tonight I didn’t get chance as I was off to the hospital again, this time with the wife, to see my nan who is still awaiting assessment for post hospital home care before they release her. She doesn’t mind, or complain too much, but I know she is a bit fed up there and can’t wait to get home. Thankfully what she went in for is no longer a concern. We had a nightmare getting over to the hospital tonight, it is over the other side of town and the traffic through town was carnage, and the 30 minute journey took us well over an hour! When we got there, we were looking for a ward that apparently most of the staff haven’t even heard of! One nurse even said “well i’ve worked here for 10 years and I’ve never heard of it! Are you sure you have the right hospital”, well that’s just great for you love, but she’s definitely here and I am getting sick of wandering up and down corridors and through the rain to other buildings! Thankfully one nurse suddenly piped up that she knew where it was and sent us in the right direction. We did leave Olivia with the grandparents while we were out, but apparently on this new unit my nan is in, babies are quite welcome, which is handy to know if she stays in and we go back again in a few days time!

I took todays photo on the way to work, just outside where there are some factory units, and decided to make it a black and white shot, which looked pretty good until I started having a play in photoshop and came up with this.


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