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“All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.”


Opening the curtains was a bit of a shock this morning, everything was white! No, we didn’t have snow, but we did have frost over everything, and although our road was a bit slippery to drive down, it was early and the sun was still low in the sky, so I decided to grab the camera and head out to try and find a good shot for the day before the ice all melted.

One of the plans for today was lunch with the wife’s family after one of her irish relatives had sent some cash over for christmas for us all to eat out together. I had a few things to do before we headed out, the first of which being baking. I’d mentioned having her family back to ours after the meal for tea and coffee, and she suggested making a cake… and then promptly changed her mind! I liked the cake idea and decided I was going to attempt my own. Then it occurred to me, that out of all the things I have cooked and made, and all the hours I have spent in kitchens, I don’t think I have ever made a cake. Still, vanilla cupcakes was what I had in mind, and that’s exactly what I was going to make! It got a bit messy, but I have to admit, I was quite pleased with them! The next job on my list before we went out was a haircut! For about 7 years now I have always done my own hair. As my hair it naturally curly, anything over and inch long and my hair spends each day looking like I have just got out of bed! So I like to keep it short, and when I realised that most barbers or hairdressers were just using clippers to get the length I wanted I thought I may as well pick up some for myself for the sake of £10 and give it a go! The money saving was never really an incentive as it doesn’t cost much for a man to have his hair chopped anyway, it is mostly because I am lazy, and doing it at home in less that 10 minutes is always appealing. The only downside is that I can’t do it 100% by myself, as I have the hair on top slightly longer than the back and sides, so I get the wife to help with the blending in on the bits I can’t see. After a quick shower, I am ready to go. Lunch was lovely and it was a bit of a bonus that I could have a couple of beers and not have to drive home.

Later that afternoon my sister and her boyfriend came over to visit for a couple of hours, bringing yet more clothes for Olivia, a pretty cool “daddy rocks” t-shirt!! In your face mommy!! Thankfully we got rid of most of the cupcakes, by offloading them onto Clare’s parents just before they left and my sister, which saved me being tempted by them all week, as delicious as they were I have a diet to stick to! As 7pm rolled around, it was time to head out to see my nan in hospital, she isn’t in for anything too serious, but has been in for a few days and so I wanted to drop in and keep her company, and as expected, bumped into my uncle who was there at the same time! It was good to catch up with him, as most of the family doesn’t stay in touch very well any more. I was very frustrated before I left the house to head to the hospital, as I had no idea that babies were not allowed on the ward up until tonight and I thought that seeing Olivia would be the perfect way to cheer my nan up. Armed with this news we couldn’t even leave Olivia with her grandparents as Clare’s mom had a cold and couldn’t give Olivia her milk, and my mom was too far away for us to drop Olivia off and still make it to the hospital in time before visiting was over! I’m sure hospitals have reasons for their baby ban policies, but I found it immensely annoying, especially as it ended up meaning I had to visit on my own. Still, I can’t complain too much, it has been a lovely day and a great weekend, and as Clare pointed out when I got home from the hospital, Olivia hasn’t cried all day, not once. Is that normal for a 4 month old baby? This kind of behaviour isn’t unusual either, apart from the odd whinge when she is trying to get to sleep!

Sunday night and its getting late, I need my bed, although I have to admit to being secretly a bit hooked on The Switch, which is a bit of a chick flick film on tv at the moment! Wish I’d turned the tv off earlier now!

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