365 project, Personal, Photography


There will come a day when the phone doesn’t ring as much as it used to.


Friday at last, has it really only been five days since the last weekend?? Friday night has been very tame, very not rock and roll at all. After eating dinner and final editing a few photos ready to upload a wedding album to the printers, I had a single glass of red wine in front of the tv, and in bed by midnight! I certainly know how to live! My phone has been unusually busy this evening, which has mostly been a good thing, and it gave me the only bit of inspiration for a photo today. Probably one of the least favourite of my 365 photos, but you know what?… Ya gotta take one, all the same!

I should probably be making the most of this getting to bed at a reasonable time, and look at putting my head down and switching this thing off.


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