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It came from outer space…


Thursday already, the first week back after christmas holidays is almost over, I honestly don’t know where the time goes! Very much looking forward to Friday and having the weekend off to spend with the family and meet the brand new daughter of my old school friend Richard and his wife. Some of our other friends, well Olivia’s godparents to be precise, have just had their second child, but sadly we have to wait a bit longer to meet their little boy yet, as their family need to visit first. Its something to look forward to the following weekend though!

I managed a dry ride in and our of work today, a bit of a treat this week, although my legs were still not very happy about the whole ordeal, especially after I took them for another 5k run when I got to work. I let myself down in a moment of weakness at lunchtime after tucking into a couple of snacks at work, so no getting away from the fact that I’ll be back in the gym tomorrow morning again. I can rest the legs over the weekend, although I am seriously tempted by a hot bath before bed to soak them tonight, although its getting a bit late now!

Making some steps forward with Olivia today, Clare tried her in a bumbo that a friend donated to us this week. For anyone that doesn’t know, a bumbo is a seat with supported sides so that babies who can’t quite sit up on their own, can actually sit unsupported in this! We have just found out that it is one of many that was supplied without a strap, which caused some babies in the US & Canada to fall out and fracture their skulls. Thankfully there is a link on the company’s website where we can claim a free strap to fit to the seat. Clare also went shopping while I was at work and bought a high chair for Olivia, which as nice as it is, still seems way too big for her!

(yes, thats right, a double photo post today, you lucky devils!)

Okay, so she’s not quite sitting up yet, but she’s not that far away, and she’s also getting very good at supporting her own weight if we hold her and stand her on our lap! I’m probably going to regret all this waiting for her to roll, crawl and stand as I’m sure I’ll be pulling my hair out once she’s on the move, wishing she would stay still and not hurt herself/break things!! Oh the joys of being a parent! It definitely makes you more aware of what your own parents had to put up with, and wonder how they coped, especially without things like the internet for information and shopping and cheap kids clothing in the supermarkets! There is also an whole wealth of books available on all aspects of childcare. We are currently looking at some highly recommended books on weaning, as that will be our next big step!


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