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The writings on the wall…


It was a battle of wills this morning between taking the car or cycling to work. I woke up with aching legs after the last two days exercising, cycling to work combined with hitting the gym when I got there, plus an hours jujitsu last night. So today I decided to at least get on the bike, but give the gym a miss and give my legs a bit of a rest. I weighed myself today for the first time in over six months and it wasn’t good, I’ve put back on a stone of the original stone and a half I lost, and so I’ll be back on the treadmill again tomorrow.

At lunch today I decided to take a quick walk with my camera to the local park near work, after I’d eaten to grab a few quick snaps. I didn’t have very long, but I did find this colourful display on one of the walls. I was determined to get something during the daylight hours today as I was getting a bit tired of scouring the house for ideas at 11:30pm, although last nights unplanned snap of my daughter quite surprised me at how popular it was! On the 1st of January I did commit myself to another year of photos, and that meant trying to capture something different every day, and not just a baby photo each day, but actually going out and looking for something different or unusual, or just pleasing to the eye. I’m still getting plenty of baby photos, but making an effort to find a specific photo for this blog each day as well. Thankfully, after nearly losing a lot of photos of Olivia last night, three months worth to be more precise, when I accidentally started to format the memory card of one of my cameras, even though the camera said they weren’t there I was able to save nearly all of them when I downloaded some recovery software. For anyone who is interested, http://www.recuva.com is free and very good indeed, for windows only though, not mac. I do most of my blogging and personal photo editing on a macbook pro, but still have a desktop upstairs that I use for all the weddings and christenings and portraits. It is fair to say that the weddings have become much quieter this year, I am only doing a few friends weddings, as I have intentionally not been making an effort to promote myself. Weddings are very time intensive, but as much as I enjoy them I want to be able to spend some time with my daughter and focus on a few other things this year. One of the few things I would like to focus on is some more portraits, so if anybody local to me has a spare hour one sunny saturday afternoon, and would like a new facebook photo or three then give me the nod! I am also looking to move towards some baby photos later in the year as well, but may need a few more props and bits of equipment if I want to achieve the look I’m aiming for. I attending the Newborn Photography Show later in the year which I hope will give me some ideas and inspiration, although I’ll come back to that nearer the time. Right now its time for lights out and sleep! Fingers crossed for a drier days cycling tomorrow!


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