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You’re doing WHAT??


I am wondering how feasible it is going to be to successfully complete a second year of 365 photos with such a lack of variety in daily life. I had to take some chances last year and grab some unlikely opportunities, I think this year could be a bit of a stretch to accomplish! I took the opportunity to grab this funny shot of Olivia and it made me think of the discussion I’d been having with the wife about putting Olivia into a cot in her own bedroom sometime soon, and made me wonder what she’d think if she could understand us! The discussion has come up about moving Olivia into her own room soon as she can be quite noisy slurping on her fists when she wakes up in the morning, and she is rapidly filling up her moses basket. She is also on the brink of rolling over, and I think we’d just both be a bit happier if she was sleeping in something a bit bigger and more stable when that day comes! Either way, our little baby is fast becoming a little girl, and I know there are people reading this who love to see her growing up.

So day two of manic exercise and myfitnesspal, and so far things are going well, apart from my poor aching legs! I am aiming to get out of the house for 7am, with 7:15am being the absolute latest acceptable time I can leave if I start to run late. So far I haven’t made it out for 7am yet, with 7:15 being the more popular choice, due to my lack of being able to drag my ass out of bed in the morning. I keep telling myself it’ll be easier in the summer when the sun is already up. Winter mornings do nothing to inspire me to drag myself up. At least I have remembered to adjust the clock on the central heating so it is not freezing when I get up now! So after my 6 mile ride into work it was a quick change into gym clothes and a pretty intensive 30 minutes on the cross trainer, all in all, combined with the cycling, another 1000 calories burnt off today meaning that according to myfitnesspal I come in under my calorie goal when combined with all the food i’ve eaten. Perfect, this is how I lost weight the last time, and this is how I’ll do it again! I won’t know how much exactly, as I forgot to weigh myself on sunday, and last night, but needless to say, I have a lot of work to do! At least this time I am not trying to lose all the weight in the run up to christmas like I did before, so I have two weeks of letting go of myself straight after it! Oh, and I forgot to include todays jujitsu session. Tuesday night means I am back in the dojo for the new year, to spend an hour each week getting thrown to the floor, thats another couple of hundred calories burnt off, but I don’t include it in my daily total as its quite hard to work out! I even resisted begging the wife for some of her delicious looking cake that she baked for her afternoon with the other moms from the antenatal group. It is so nice that we still stay in touch with, and see all these parents, although I think the dads are due another night out soon. We certainly don’t get all this time off work and fun afternoons eating cake and slugging back more cups of tea than we can count! I’m just glad Olivia was happy enough after her jabs at the doctors this morning. We were supposed to take her last thursday, but missed the appointment as we got the time wrong due to the doctors changing the times and even the surgery we were supposed to attend. Not the end of the world, but it still makes us look bad!

I could actually quite easily crawl into bed right now and get a slightly earlier night than last night if I hadn’t accidentally started to format the memory card in one of my cameras and lost all the photos and videos of Olivia that I hadn’t got around to backing up. In reality this should be a small number as I think most were backed up, but I just can’t be sure. I have downloaded a recovery program on my desktop and set it to scan the card, it seems to be finding most of the files the last time I checked, so I think all is not lost! Fingers crossed on that one!


3 thoughts on “07.365.2014”

  1. I have so enjoyed seeing your cute baby girl! If you post a picture of her each day, you’re covered. πŸ˜‰ I took pictures of my son constantly, but now that he’s 11, I get a hand over the face when I attempt to photograph him. Enjoy that baby!


  2. Great shot!

    I completely understand. I had to update my about page just because with the baby around I can’t reasonably work in the shop, get out to the range, or even brew as much beer as I have been the last few years. It’s pretty much forget any activity that requires more than fifteen minutes of precise focus. Good luck!


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