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“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”


Back to work with a bang, two weeks off and I’d completely switched off from work, so this mornings alarm came as a bit of a shock to the system. Up nice and early, breakfast sorted, lights charged and back on the bike and off I go for the 6 mile ride into work. Part of my commitment to myself was to get back on the treadmill again, so after changing out of my cycling gear and into my running stuff I needed to ease myself back into running with a nice easy 30 minute 5k run. Well, it should have been easy, but after taking a couple of months off from running to rest my knee I was sweating like a fat kid in a sweet shop by the time I finished. This was a routine I was pretty into just over a year ago, so I know I can do it again. The first day back wasn’t too bad, but I was missing my daughter and very much looking forward to going home. The ride home was a bit windier and wetter than the ride in, but you have to expect it at this time of year, in fact I only expect it to get worse, as we still haven’t had any real frost or ice yet, and the snow has to appear at some point, its a bit unreliable but it hasn’t skipped a winter yet!

This evening the wife had to go out and left me with Olivia for a while, and obviously I love spending time with her, but it meant I’ve ended up looking for a photo again at the last minute before bed. This was the one thing I struggled with last year, getting a photo early enough and having all this typed up before it gets late. I’ll just be glad when the clocks change and I’m not restricted by the lack of daylight hours again! If i’m going to have any, then one of my resolutions this year is to get to bed early on a regular basis!


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