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Life is a journey…


Spent the last day of my holidays staying at home today, I haven’t left the house at all. An uncomfortable start to the day came after last nights diet of chip shop and beer caused a pretty nasty case of acid reflux this morning, so I’m looking forward to cutting back on all the junk food and getting back into a regular exercise routine again. Last time I went onto myfitnesspal and hit the gym each morning, after cycling to work and lost over a stone in weight, reflux and heartburn seemed to disappear completely. Sensible eating and good exercise obviously have many more benefits other than just losing weight!

Being Sunday afternoon I really need to get myself ready for tomorrow morning, before it gets too late. I have a terrible habit of leaving things until the very last minute, often leaving it until its late at night and I’m looking forward to crawling into bed. Tonight I really need to be in bed at a sensible time, I have had a series of late nights, including last night, and tomorrow morning I need to be up early and have plenty of energy. The only potential problem, which is clearly just a mental hurdle and I know its not just me, is that on the sunday night before going back to work after a holiday I always seem to struggle to get to sleep, especially if I am going to bed unusually early for me. Then there is also the fact that, like I have done for last few nights, I have got into a pattern of staying up late and essentially altered my sleeping pattern. Its a terrible habit, and I really need to get out of it, especially with a baby in the house. It makes getting up in the morning so much more of a challenge than it really needs to be! So whats to do tonight then? Well the first thing is making sure all the batteries are charged up for the lights on my bike, as its still dark cycling to and from work. With the weather we’ve head today, I am so glad to actually be living in a house with a garage, as my next job is actually to check the bike over and put a bit of air in the tyres. Once the bike is sorted, the next job is to make sure all my clothing is ready for tomorrow, including the stuff i’m cycling in and the stuff I’ll be getting changed into when I get to work. I won’t have time in the morning to sort this out in the morning, especially if I want to find time to go running as well! I’ve signed up for another Tough Mudder challenge this year, and will be attempting to get a decent time in this years Birmingham Half Marathon as well, rather than last years rubbish attempt, so I need to get plenty of training in and make sure my weight is back down again.

Back to the grind tomorrow!


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