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The baby grows so fast…


So, a weekend without any plans at all, how did we over look that one? The weather is still pretty rubbish outside, so walks are out of the question. What to do? We decided to visit our good friends, and Olivia’s godparents, Kathryn and Andrew who are now over a week overdue with their second child. This meant there was a good chance they’d be in, and would probably appreciate the company and seeing their goddaughter too. We spent a lovely couple of hours there, with Andrew trying to convince Clare about the merits of camping, a challenge I feel he has sorely underestimated, as much as I’m on his side! Sadly Olivia is going through a very tired spell where she seems to be tired quite often and sleeping a lot, making her a little grumpy when its time for a nap! The grumpiness soon turns to tears, then tears to screaming, but unfortunately seems to coincide with each time we visit Kat & Andy! Oh well, she’ll grow out of it eventually!

On our journey home we decided on our last pre-diet evening meal treat, the chip shop! Our local chip shop, well what WAS our local before we moved, is so good we still go there even since we’ve moved! The food never disappoints, although we will be making far less visits over the next few months.

With nothing planned for the evening, the tv went on and while I was distracted, Clare had put on “splash”… no, not the classic mermaid movie, the absolute bag of sh*te tv programme trying to get celebrity has-beens to jump from the top diving board of a swimming pool. Yes, that’s it, that’s all they do, and some of it isn’t even diving, its just falling! I can honestly say that I have never seen anything so dull on tv and genuinely thought about going into the kitchen to stare at the fruit to see if I could actually have more fun watching it go mouldy, than watching the mind numbing trash that I was being forced to watch! It made me think of one thing, the future of our planet depicted by the silver screen, in the form of a movie… Idiocracy! If you haven’t seen this film, then you need to. Its not the sort of film that is going to count the number of oscars it has won, but it is genuinely where the future of this planet is heading! Idiocracy is set in the future when the human race is watching tv shows like “Ow! My balls!”, the president is an ex-wrestler and the country cannot understand why crops are not growing them after watering them with gatorade… is this really so hard to believe?!?! Ladies and gentlemen, Idiocracy is the future! There may have been an argument against this… well, at least until Splash appeared on our tv screens! Anything that can make “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here” look high brow and interesting, can’t be a good thing for the human race! Do not be surprised if “Ow! My balls!” hits our tv screens anytime soon!

So how does this connect to todays photo? Simply, it doesn’t. I just wanted to capture our angelic little girl having her last bottle of the day before going down for the night, before I popped out to the pub for an hour to catch up with a couple of friends at last orders. The great thing about where we now live, is that the pub where I catch up with my friend is no longer a 30 minute walk away, but now more like a 5-10 minute walk depending on how fast you’re actually walking!


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