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Day 3 of this years project sees me trying something, a long exposure photograph of a different kind, and virtually none of it done in photoshop! It was one of the things I had planned to achieve last year, but ran out of time for, which was part of the incentive to continue again this year… well, not this picture in particular, but a number of pictures that I was looking forward to trying!

Weather stopped us going very far today, but it did finally give me the chance to get back up in the loft to get more insulation and loft boards down finally. I have been meaning to for ages, but the extremely mild December weather we’ve had has reduced the urgency. While I was up there, I left Clare downstairs putting all the Christmas decorations away, making the living room look a little bare again. It feels like days since the tree went up, I can’t believe a whole month has gone by! Although we managed to retain a little bit of the christmas festivity by defrosting some left over turkey meat and having ourselves some turkey fajitas for dinner tonight!

Again, the weekend is now finally upon us, but sadly I really don’t want it to be, it means only two more days before returning to work!


3 thoughts on “03.365.2014”

    1. I can tell you, but then I’d have to kill you!

      Only joking, it was surprisingly simple. I hung a torch on a length of string from a light fitting on the ceiling and swung it. The camera was set to manual focus looking straight up with all the room lights turned off, and I then set a 30 second exposure and crossed my fingers!


      1. That seems more simple than I thought it would be. The design looks like it was purposely created, not random like a swinging torch. Amazing…it visually demonstrates how there is more order in this created world than we realize.


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