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Christmas is almost over…


So we come to towards the end of my second week off work and the thought of returning to work doesn’t concern me quite as much as not being able to spend all day with my daughter. Seeing her all day, each day for the last two weeks has been the best gift I could ask for over christmas! I just hope the weather settles down a bit next week so that the cycling isn’t quite as brutal, the crazy storms continue to batter the country as more flood warnings are issued for tonight. I’m just glad we don’t live on the coast, although it would make for some spectacular photographs, although the wind and the rain is lashing down on our windows all the same! I’m also making Monday the day of getting back into the fitness regime and kicking the Christmas junk food out of the window! Hopefully, i’ll be able to get back into the habit of getting up early, something I’ve really struggled with since Olivia was born, so that I can find half hour to jump on the treadmill once I get to work. I’ve got a long way to go again, but I know I can do it, I lost a stone and a half before and I can do it again. I will not necessarily be posting my weight on here, but I will be posting progress updates so hopefully it will encourage me to keep going.

Today we did have a break in the unusually freaky weather and the sun came out for a while, so we took the opportunity to wrap Olivia up, and take her out for a walk. It was nice to stretch my legs and blow out a few cobwebs, and the fresh air woke us up a little bit. Staying indoors with the heating on is nice and comfy, but it can make you feel very sleepy and lethargic. After we got home, we got ready and walked round to the in-laws for dinner and stayed for a couple of hours. Thankfully we were home before the weather turned again, it was starting to get a bit late anyway and its important we keep Olivia in her sleep routine. We have recently talked about moving her from her moses basket into the cot in her own room at some point in the next couple of weeks, and so the routine is crucial for this to work. Our little girl is growing up so fast, and we are still feeling like the luckiest parents ever to have a little girl who smiles and laughs so much and only cries on the odd occasion when she is really tired and can’t get to sleep. Of course, we have prepared ourselves for the fact that this could possibly change at any minute, especially as she has started the early stages of teething now. If she did cry more it would certainly make us feel less guilty around other new parents when they talk about how much their baby cries and ask us how we cope, to which we don’t have much of an answer. Either way, we’re hoping the transition to a cot shouldn’t bother her too much, she’s pretty good with sleeping, and has been sleeping through the night since the start of November! We really do have a golden child!


2 thoughts on “02.365.2014”

  1. Great picture!!

    Your little girl sounds far too good….just wait till she’s a toddler šŸ˜‰ cant wait to read and see pictures of her mischeif!


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