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“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” Ah the sweet taste of freedom, it's Friday night, time to kick back, relax and look forward to two days with the wife and the daughter! Ideally, as its now the Chinese new year, we'd have… Continue reading 31.365.2014

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“We’ve been focusing so much on getting there that we haven’t been enjoying the ride” This morning was the moment of truth, time to take the trusty new steed out on the road, and what a morning to take my new bike for its debut ride. It seemed much darker than the last few mornings,… Continue reading 30.365.2014

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Every day I fall in love with the same girl... Right, tonights post can't be long, its late and I need to be up early! So, very resentfully took the car to work today, but was secretly a little glad on the way home as it was 4ºc and raining, relentlessly! It was not just… Continue reading 29.365.2014

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“Annoyance and pathos warred in my breast, and after a short struggle, annoyance punched pathos in the snout like the voracious shark it was.” Annoyed? Why yes, that'll be me then! Today is going to be one of those whingy, moany posts, so if you're just here for the picture then move along, you've seen… Continue reading 28.365.2014

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“Ideas pull the trigger, but instinct loads the gun.” This weekend was an idea that just never happened, and that idea was to take my bike down to the repair shop and get the gears looked at. Just before I got home on Friday the rear gears on my bike totally failed on me, I'd… Continue reading 27.365.2014

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Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana... Very grateful to my wonderful wife for allowing me a bit of a lie in this morning, as I was up later than I'd hoped last night fighting with itunes, and then to top it off, woke up this morning with a cold. No, I'm… Continue reading 26.365.2014

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“The storm starts, when the drops start dropping. When the drops stop dropping then the storm starts stopping.” It comes as no surprise that the day started slowly with both me and the wife feeling quite tired. We didn't hurry to get up and let Olivia have cuddles in our bed for a while. It… Continue reading 25.365.2014

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Letting go is half the battle... After a busy Friday the weekend couldn't come soon enough, and the rain that was forecast for pretty much the entire day seemed to have avoided me while I was cycling to work and now also on the way home, I was feeling quite lucky... that was until I… Continue reading 24.365.2014

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The pen is mightier than the email... Whats the significance of todays photo? Well, its absolutely nothing to do with today, but I opened the drawer on my computer desk upstairs earlier this evening, which I don't use quite as often now I have the MacBook Pro, and found the pen inside there. It is… Continue reading 23.365.2014

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Familiar territory... Okay, so its another Olivia photo today, I'll admit I really was clutching at straws for todays photo. She looked adorable all night, and I couldnt resist. When I actually got home from work, she was spread out across her play mat absolutely spark out! As always, she woke up in a happy… Continue reading 22.365.2014