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Day 363/365

“Never put off till tomorrow what may be done the day after tomorrow just as well”.


Started the day with an under the weather wife who clearly needed more sleep than she’d had, so I took Olivia downstairs with me and left Clare to sleep. We were due to meet friends just after lunch for a little housewarming, although it ended up being just me and Olivia in attendance so that Clare could stay home and rest. The friends we were meeting are expecting their first child in three weeks, so it was nice to be able to offer help and advice from actual experience that I genuinely think will be of use to them. Olivia, of course, behaved perfectly, smiling and being all angelic. A nap, a nappy change and a bottle and she was ready to go home. After eating with the wife, I headed out to me a photography friend for a trip to the Lickey Hills monument for tonights photo. It was my first attempt at steel wool spinning, and a very windy night, but it went okay thanks to Rob’s help. It was quite easy and I look forward to trying it again soon. I was kinda hoping to end the year with this shot, but the weather is looking a bit rough for new years eve. We seem to be suffering a lot of storms at the moment in the UK, one after another. Some people may wish for a white christmas, but there are still people in the UK at the moment wishing to have their electricity back on and some people praying to keep the roof on their house. Bonkers weather, and whilst not evidence of global warming, is still undeniably peculiar! I even looked out into the back garden this morning and saw a fly buzzing around… its December, they’re all supposed to be dead now!! It can only mean one thing, we have a whole lot of snow and ice to come yet. This year we had it in January and March, and to be honest, I’d expect the same next year, which is going to be a nightmare on this new road that we live on, as there is so little traffic to clear it away. A few bad days of snow and we could be pretty much house bound, especially with a baby in tow! I think we need to be stocking up on supplies like long life milk and such in case we get stuck for a few days.

I’m not going to confirm it right now, but I am thinking that there is a good chance I will be doing another 365 project/ blog for 2014 as I have quite enjoyed this one, and have been pleasantly surprised by all the lurkers who read it on a regular basis, but I rarely find out about! A few have become evident over the year, and its nice to know that people care enough to take the time to read my ramblings. For me though, it has been great to be able to look back over the entire year and not just think “I don’t know where the time has gone”, but to actually be able to find out and remember each day! It has been such an eventful year, with so much to remember, house moves, babies, weddings funerals, holidays, the list goes on! The only difference being that I will no longer posting this onto my facebook page, for those who have been accessing it that way.

Two more days of 2013 to go!


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