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Day 362/365

“Glory lies in the attempt to reach one’s goal and not in reaching it.”


Today was mostly about visiting more friends, this evening we were going to see the Holtermanns for dinner. They have two little girls now and an established bedtime routine, and so we have mostly been going over to see them for the last couple of years, which is a problem for neither party really, except for the fact that we feel slightly guilty at not being able to cook for them for once in a while. All that is set to change now, as we enter a period where a) they have found a baby sitter that they are happy with and knows their girls, and b) we are leaving our grace period of having a newborn who will sleep regardless of where we are and entering a time where bedtime routine for Olivia is becoming very important, soon to become essential. Thankfully our baby sitting situation isn’t going to be as difficult as theirs, as we have more family around us, but we still need to get the bedtime routine up and running. In just a few weeks we will be making the transition of moving Olivia from her moses basket in our bedtime, into the cot in her own bedroom. Yes, our little girl is growing up fast, as people warned us would happen. As you can see on the clothes hanger in the photo, 3-6 months, our baby is already in her next size of clothing and has already outgrown many of the items that looked baggy and oversized when we brought her out of hospital.

We had a lovely time with the Holtermanns, such a friendly couple. Its nice to know that I have managed to stay in touch with some good friends from school, Andrew of course, being another friend I have known for around 25 years now. Seeing him and his wife Kate is always a pleasure, and this evenings takeaway was a great chance to relax and unwind without the distraction of at least one person being stuck in the kitchen. We are both catching up with another of our school friends tomorrow lunchtime at their housewarming, our good friend Richard, who was one of the first people I ever met in secondary school, so I have known him about 26 years now.

We have entered an amazing era with the arrival of the internet, and I am thankful to have been able to track down some of the people I went to school with, thanks to the invention of things like facebook. Its its infancy, people had many opinions about facebook, and I often heard people say things like “well if I wanted to stay in touch with them after school, I would have done”, which you might think is a fair comment, but when I left school, we didn’t have the facilities to do so with such ease as we do now. We had one phone number for their home landline, and an address at best. I went to school several miles from home, and so keeping in touch with people wasn’t as easy as just walking across the road and knocking on the door. Friends heading off to university and full time jobs, on top of new relationships and new friends meant that it was easy to let old friends slip away. I have managed to rekindle some friendships that I very much missed and now we have all matured, got married and settled down, we find ourselves getting on better than ever.

The practical upshot of all this is weekends like this one.


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